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At Nofima Mat there will be a lecture by Professor Monteleone: Sensory Properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

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Portrettbilde av Tormod Næs
Tormod Næs

Senior Scientist
Phone: +47 913 52 032

Professor Monteleone works at the Department of Agricultural Biotechnology at University of Firenze. One of his major scientific interests is sensory determinants of food acceptability and preference. In particular he has worked on the description of the sensory properties of extra virgin olive oils, on the effect of taste-odour interaction in bitterness perception in model oils and on sensory and hedonic consumer expectation towards extra virgin olive oil. Professor Monteleone is a highly respected expert in the area. He is co-chair of the Italian Society of Sensory Science.

He is presently in Norway for the purpose of collaborating with researchers at Nofima Mat., Make use of the possibility to meet one of Italy’s leading scientists within the field.

Wednesday 21. October 14.00-15.00 at Nofima Mat. Read more about the event at the right.

Consumer and sensory sciences  

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