I heart bread

The bread type endorsed by the Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organization (LHL) is one of the healthiest types of bread currently on the market. The industry has developed a scale for branding bread according to the degree of wholemeal content, and on this scale, oat bread meets the criteria for 100%. The bread has been developed in cooperation with producers, researchers and the industry.

The development of this bread started in 2005. The aim was to develop a healthier bread type with a higher content of wholemeal flour. In addition, the bread should contain more fibre, healthier fats and less salt than other bread types. The finished bread has a low salt content (reduced salt content compared to other types of bread), and includes rape seed oil, which contains healthy fatty acids. The bread does not contain any whole grains, and is therefore suited for the entire family.

The Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organization was the initiator of this cooperation with Nofima Mat, Lantmännen Cerealia and Idun Industri on the development of healthier bread types, with financing from Innovation Norway. Representatives from the Lipid Clinic at Rikshospitalet University Hospital and from the Department of Nutrition at the University of Oslo also took part in the development process.

The aim of the joint development process has been to increase consumer awareness and basic competence on healthy bread types. Norwegians eat a lot of bread, and therefore it’s important to be able to offer healthy alternatives. Mesterbakeren produces the bread, which is available in shops from the grocery chain Rema 1000.

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