Claus Meyer gives you the Nordic taste

The Danish TV-chef, trendsetter, restaurant-owner, author and counselor Claus Meyer is visiting Nofima Mat on the 13th of May to tell about the possibilities that lie in the Nordic taste.

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Portrettbilde av Margrethe Hersleth
Margrethe Hersleth

Research Director
Phone: +47 901 89 021

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Portrettbilde av Einar Risvik
Einar Risvik

Senior Scientist
Phone: +47 913 74 880

Food that represent the "sense of place" has been most important for the tremendous success of Meyer.


Clays Mayer, who calls himself a "gastronomical initiator" owns about 20 restaurants and food producers in Denmark. He is a adj.professor in Food Science at the University of Kopenhagen, counselor for the Danish government in food matters and a TV-celebrity. Last seen by 100 million people worldwide in the English speaking food series New Scandinavian Cooking" from 2007. He is also a very important contributor to the large, Danish research project Opus, that recently received DKK 100 million to do research on children and health.

What is terroir?

The French term "terroir" means "the sense of place". It is the sense of the orign of the food, characteristics that come from the soil, climate and genetics. The arctic climate in the Nordic countries gives our food a special taste which we should take more advantage of, both gastronomically and commercially. This is what the food industry and others can learn more about in the workshop on May 13th. Trends and branding will be important issues here.

New, Nordic Food

The workshop is part of a project called ID Norfood, supported by Nordisk InnovationCenter (NICe), and New, Nordic Food. The goal is to give knowledge of the Nordic terroir through presentations, examples and debates.

The programme
Claus Meyer will give the speech "Market opportunities for food with terrior", where he will share his experiences. – We are very happy that Claus Meyer is coming to share his knowledge. He is a very central ambassador for the Nordic countries, says Einar Risvik, Research Director at Nofima Mat and the head of the board of New, Nordic Food. – We should be more proud of our Nordic heritage. The great taste of our food is a result of terroir, climate, the cultivation conditions, freshness and purity, he adds.

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