Marine research collaboration agreement

The boards of the Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund (FHF) and research group Nofima have approved an agreement to regulate the collaboration between the two entities.

The agreement sets the framework for collaboration on innovation, reorganisation and value adding in the fishery and aquaculture industry.

The agreement takes immediate effect, and involves Nofima becoming an important collaborative partner for FHF.

FHF wants to contribute to the development of Nofima

"This collaboration agreement with Nofima provides the opportunity to organise the R & D work to meet industry requirements," says FHF Board Chairperson Rolf Jørn Karlsen.

"The industry is reliant on scientists who have both a strong business understanding and professional expertise," says Karlsen.

"FHF and Nofima want to collaborate on larger industry-oriented efforts and FHF wants to contribute to the development of Nofima as a supplier of R & D to the industry. This will enhance the industry’s access to research expertise and contribute to innovative research on the industry’s conditions."

Anticipating stronger industry influence

"This is an important milestone for Nofima," says Nofima President – CEO Ørjan Olsvik.

"FHF is an important collaborative partner for us. Their knowledge of the industry and the forums they have established to safeguard the industry’s influence in research efforts will be a major resource for us. Nofima’s role and aim is to be the industry’s most important collaborative partner within R & D and this agreement creates an excellent starting point for us to achieve this aim."

Industry-defined projects

The strategic collaboration now being established fulfils the Government and Parliament?s intentions about the establishment of Nofima.

The allocation of funds will be controlled by FHF on behalf of the industry through industry-defined projects on the basis of FHF’s strategic plans of action.

Contact people Nofima:

President – CEO Ørjan Olsvik, phone +47 916 74 135,

Director of Corporate Communications Stein-Gunnar Bondevik, phone +47 974 08 801,

Contact people FHF:

Board Chairperson Rolf Jørn Karlsen, phone +47 23 06 31 39,

Director Terje Flatøy, phone +47 924 65 455,

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