Research Disseminator of the Year

Nofima Scientist Rune Larsen has been awarded the title "Research Disseminator of the Year" for his work on the information brochure "Hav og helse" (Sea and health).

The prestigious award was presented by the Fisheries and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund (FHF) during a national conference in Ålesund on November 26.

"It is important that research findings are communicated to industrial actors so they can make use of the research," says FHF Director of Information Inge Harkestad, adding:

"The usefulness relies not only on which material is presented, but also on how the material is presented."

The jury provided the following reasons:

Through his work on the brochure "Hav og Helse", Rune Larsen has shown an excellent ability to transform complex research findings into easy-to-read health information.

The brochure has been popular everywhere from universities to primary schools and food companies to municipal health authorities. It also led to a front page article in the national newspaper Dagbladet under the headline "Here is the perfect food for your health".

In summary, through his work "Hav og Helse", Rune Larsen has contributed to presenting years of research in a way that has effectively reached the industry and in addition has strengthened the knowledge of society in general about the health benefits of seafood.

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