A sea of health

An English version of the information brochure “A sea of health”, which summarises the link between seafood and health in plain language, has now been published.

The brochure outlines the preventative effect of seafood consumption against cardiovascular diseases and other diseases.

It also features tables detailing the content of fat, nutrients, vitamins and minerals in various species of fish and shellfish.

The Norwegian version has been in great demand, not only from the fisheries and aquaculture industry, but also in other industries, the health sector and the education sector. It has been reprinted several times.

“The objective of this brochure is to provide information about the health benefits and nutritional content of seafood. It is aimed at the man in the street and can be downloaded free on the internet,” says Scientist Rune Larsen, who has played a central role in the project.

Nofima was commissioned by the Norwegian Seafood Association (NSL) to produce a brochure on the topic.

The English version is financed by the Norwegian Seafood Export Council and the Fisheries and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund (FHF).

The Seafood Export Council will handle international distribution.

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