Collaboration agreement with Bioforsk

Bioforsk and Nofima have signed an agreement for future research collaboration with the focus on safe and healthy food. The scope of the partners' competence covers the entire value chain from farm to fork. "This will also benefit the consumer," says Bioforsk director Harald Lossius.

The background to this agreement is that the new partners’ competence and geographical locations complement each other, to the benefit of existing and potential customers. The idea is to offer the Norwegian food industry a total spectrum of competence throughout the value chain from primary producer to consumer. The main areas of collaboration will be related to cereals, fruit, berries, vegetables and plants. The two partners also have the goal of developing competitive joint projects, either on their own initiative or together with customers.

"This agreement means that the institutes will seek as far as possible to collaborate on commissioned projects wherever this is technically relevant. This will not apply if the commissioning principal already has an agreement with other centres or has any special reason for not wishing to work with either Bioforsk or Nofima."

Collaboration agreement with BAMA and Gartnerhallen

The two parties have collaborated on research and development for BAMA and the Gartnerhallen organisation since 1999. The purpose of this agreement is to regulate the conditions for the parties’ continued collaboration in research, innovation and value creation projects.

The agreement is based on BAMA and Gartnerhallen giving priority to Nofima Mat and Bioforsk when purchasing research and development services, always provided that they are competitive on price and quality. Bioforsk and Nofima Mat will also make capacity available to provide such services.
"This new agreement will help to strengthen the development of knowledge throughout the value chains of the technical areas the institutes cover," emphasise Øyvind Fylling-Jensen of Nofima Mat and Harald Lossius of Bioforsk.
"Working with BAMA and Gartnerhallen has already provided substantial value creation and helped to ensure that the range of Norwegian produced fruit and vegetables on offer to the consumer is bigger than ever. This collaboration will make Norwegian producers better equipped to supply safe and healthy food to Norwegian consumers," concludes Lossius.

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