Internet course in safe food

Working in partnership with Didac, Nofima Mat has developed an Internet course in safe food. "Simple and effective for the trade," is Smart Club's judgement.

The course gives basic training in hygiene, order and cleanliness for employees of companies involved in the production, preparation and sale of fresh foods. Smart Club employees have been taking the course, with very good results. Now several of the major chains are looking for the opportunity to do the same.

Simple and effective

"This is an effective way of running training for the food trade. It’s so flexible and it can be done anywhere you have access to the Internet. Many of our employees have taken the course at home," explains Ellen Grefstad, quality manager at Smart Club.
"The course is easy to understand and has a simple user interface. Our aim is that everyone who works with foods and all managers should take the course," says Grefstad. Up to now about 70 per cent of the target group have completed the course.

Basic training

"This is just the thing for students and other unskilled staff who may be working on the fresh food counters in supermarkets, for example. It is absolutely basic knowledge presented in a very educational way," says consultant Berit Foss Hille of Nofima Mat. Nofima Mat has quality assured the content and Didac has produced the course itself. Didac has previously developed complete Internet courses and e-learning platforms for service industries in both Norway and Sweden.

Getting young people interested

"I have a lot of faith in this project and I’ve been impressed by what Didac have done with the material we gave them. We think this is a great tool for the industry," says Foss Hille. She has a 17 year old at home herself, so she knows how difficult it can be to get young people interested. "For school students this is rather dry stuff, which they don’t really learn much about at school. Children get far too little training in kitchen hygiene. That’s why good, basic training is so vital," says Foss Hille.

Tailored to the customer

The target group includes everyone whose day to day work brings them into contact with fresh food, such as those who work in supermarkets, kiosks, petrol stations and various other food outlets. The course takes 30-45 minutes and concludes with a multiple-choice test. The course was originally devised for Smart Club, but is now available to all.
"The BASIS Trygg mat course can be tailored to each retail chain with videos and images, so that the user is presented with relevant examples from his or her own place of work," says Didac marketing manager Harald Kirkebø.

Good collaboration

"Didac is good at the technological and educational side, while content comes from those who have the best technical competence in the field. When it came to finding a serious and technically competent partner in the field of safe food, it was natural to contact Nofima Mat," says Harald Kirkebø. "As developers of Internet courses, we depend on getting a good introduction to the theme of the course and priorities of which subjects are the most important. The professionals at Nofima Mat were good at pointing out the priorities in a very big subject, as well as constantly helping with advice about the target group for the course and its objectives," says the marketing manager.

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