APC – a Norwegian Centre of Excellence

Aquaculture Protein Centre (APC) was a Centre of Excellence founded by the Research Council of Norway. Nofima was one of three partner research institutions.

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Portrettbilde av Torbjørn Einar Åsgård

APC was set up in 2003 as part of a Research Council of Norway initiative to establish 13 Centres of Excellence (CoE) in Norway within strategically important areas.

The decade of APC ended on January 1, 2013. The research APC has engaged in will in future be organised at the respective collaboration partners behind the centre.

APC was the only centre involving aquaculture to be established. The purpose of setting up the centre was to gather the best research competence within the scientific discipline and reach a higher international calibre. The centres shall be characterised by focussed, long-term fundamental research.

APC comprises scientists from Nofima, the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH) and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB).

APC’s vision

The vision of the APC is to secure sustainable growth in aquaculture by acquiring integrated basic nutritional, physiological, pathological and technological knowledge required for optimal use of protein in feeds for farmed fish.

APC grasps challenges and opportunities:

  • Increase the understanding about the protein metabolism and protein requirement of fish
  • Acquire suitable protein sources
  • Focus on plant and microbial sources
  • Increased understanding of antinutritional components in protein sources
  • Eliminate antinutritional components by using feed technology
  • Better utilisation of protein resources based on fresh knowledge about the tolerance and requirements of fish

Nofima’s role in APC

Scientists from Nofima are responsible for a significant part of the feed and nutrition activity at APC. Our contribution is acquiring knowledge about:

  • Nutritional requirements and tolerance to antinutritional components
  • Metabolism of protein and amino acids
  • Fish feed ingredients
  • Molecular biology

The Respiration Laboratory at Sunndalsøra plays an important role in this work, in addition to Nofima’s research facilities at Sunndalsøra, Averøy, Bergen and Tromsø.

Nutrition and feed technology  

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