Passion for skrei – the superior cod

"Fish is passion," says star chef Pascal Proyart at one of Tromsø's leading restaurants. "The fact that top chefs use Norwegian fish is extremely important," says a Nofima market researcher.

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The kitchen at Emma’s Dream Kitchen is not so large so you have to go out into the actual restaurant to think. On this particular day, the kitchen was even more crowded than usual.

Star chef Pascal Proyart runs the restaurant "One-O-One", which recently won the title of London’s best seafood restaurant. He visited the Tromsø restaurant’s kitchen and talked positively about Norwegian fish.

"Skrei (North-east Atlantic cod), it would be hard to find better fish than this," he says, as the chef’s knife hovers over a cod fillet that will be served later in the evening. "Skrei is the best you can get."


Proyart continues by saying that restaurant guests are now asking to a greater extent where fish are caught, and whether they are fished from a stock that can endure it.

"A lot can be done here," he says. "The more we know about the fish, the better. Our clients want to know what they are eating."


"It’s a passion that makes this so good," says Proyart. "Everyone who works with fish has this – from the fishermen to the transporter through to us in the kitchen. This passion for fish must never disappear!"

The warning is loud and clear: without passion and a top fish product, the restaurant clients will not be satisfied.

Opening markets

"The fact that top chefs choose Norwegian raw materials is extremely important," says Senior Scientist Geir Sogn-Grundvåg at Nofima. "They are trend setters and will be noticed. In this way, new markets can open for Norwegian seafood."

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