Find out more about laboratory meat

The world's first symposium on in vitro meat is being held at Nofima Mat (formerly Matforsk) at Ås on 9-11 April 2008.

In vitro meat is "meat" that has been artificially made in a laboratory. There is increasing interest in artificial meat among environmentally committed scientists. Two main aims for the symposium are to review and discuss the main issues to be resolved in this technical field and to formalise an organisational structure that can bring together activities and finance.

The symposium is organised by the In Vitro Meat Consortium, which was established after a workshop at UMB in June 2007. The In Vitro Meat Consortium is an international alliance that is working to simplify the establishment of the production of muscle tissue for human food on an industrial scale. It is anticipated that the organisational structure for further work for the consortium will be decided at the symposium.

The hosts of the symposium are Nofima Mat and UMB.

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