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Reduced Plastic in the Seafood Industry

An important property of the packaging is to protect the salmon fillets and, in order to attain the best possible quality and desired shelf life, the fillets must also be protected from oxygen. Packaging must be dependable A significant proportion of the exported salmon fillets are packed into ‘big batches’, i.e. packages containing 10-12 kg […]

Establishing a partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme

On Monday on behalf of the Centre for the Ocean and the Arctic, Nofima’s director Øyvind Fylling-Jensen signed an agreement with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The parties will, among other things, cooperate on issues related to marine pollution, especially the vast amount of plastic that ends up in the seas.

Targeted focus and big ambitions

Nofima is investing over NOK 8 million kroner a year of its internal funds to develop cutting-edge expertise in selected research fields. The goals for this initiative are both bold and ambitious: Nofima Food Research Institute shall be commercially useful, relevant, innovative, and at the forefront of international research within spectroscopy technology and peptide technology.