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Using nanotechnology to solve the plastic problem

The Research Council of Norway has appointed Sarfraz as an “outstanding young researcher” (Fremragende ung forsker) and awarded his project NanoFunPack a total of NOK 7.7 million in project support. The funds are awarded to ambitious projects with focused research efforts performing at a high international level. Two sides of the same coin NanoFunPack, or […]

We need to eat more of the whole animal

Animal-based products contain several important nutrients which humans need. Our body needs to be supplied with complex and important vitamins such as B12 every once in a while, and meat is the best source. If you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, you can develop serious health problems. “We don’t need to eat animal products every […]

25 new research projects for Nofima

“The assignments prove that our expertise is both in demand and relevant. For Nofima, this year’s allocations prove that industry values our expertise,” says Øyvind Fylling-Jensen, Managing Director of Nofima. The production and processing of food is one of Norway’s largest mainland industries. Research will support jobs, industry and settlement in rural areas. Covid-19 has […]