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Kelp farming: a great opportunity for northern Norway and the world

As kelp aquaculture is a relatively new industry in Norway, and in many parts of Europe, there are many challenges to overcome before production can increase and become commercially viable. Active cultivation sites in Norway are scarce and concentrated towards the southern and mid-coastal regions; however, kelp farming also shows great potential in northern Norway. Therefore, researchers at Nofima are currently focusing on sustainable value creation from kelp production in northern Norway.

Shrimp survivors

Genomic technology has been applied to boost the resistance of whiteleg shrimp to one of the most serious diseases affecting global shrimp producers – White Spot Syndrome Virus. By using genomic selection, we have demonstrated that we can rapidly increase the level of disease resistance in whiteleg shrimp.

Gut instinct

Microbiome scientists at Nofima are working on uncovering the complex cross-talk between the fish and its microbes and aim to improve the health of farmed fish.

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