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The industry facilitator

Jens-Erik Dessen (30) has work experience both as a research scientist and employee in the seafood industry, a combination that is important for the job he performs at Nofima.

The Pathfinder

The aquaculture industry follows with great interest the work that Britt Kristin Reiten does every day. Right now she may be in the process of solving very many of the industry’s challenges.

Comet career

Patrick Berg Sørdahl (25) really only wanted a little help for his master’s degree from the professionals at Nofima. He ended up writing his master’s thesis with Nofima, and was appointed to a permanent position in the company.

General biologist

Grandpa was never particularly thrilled that his granddaughter poked out the eyes of the fish she had caught, and preserved them in his vodka bottle. But Sissel Beate Rønning never actually discovered her own passion for biology until she became an adult.

The Multimaster

Izumi zone (35) is pleased to be working in such a versatile job as a scientist at Nofima. She is also grateful that collaboration is such an important aspect in her incredibly varied daily work life.

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