In order for organic food to make its way into institutional kitchens, products need to be adapted accordingly. Photo: Jon-Are Berg-Jacobsen/Nofima

Project Year 2015

Organic for large housholds

The Norwegian parliament Stortinget has a goal of 15 per cent organic production and consumption within 2020.

If Norway is to achieve this goal, public and private large households must increase organic food in their menu and serving.

In order to increase the diversity of organic food and give the large households the opportunity to increase their share, more food process companies must produce organic food. Nofima has received funding from the Norwegian Agriculture Agency since 2001 to assist companies in developing and producing good organic products. A large number of organic producers have used the service.

Rørosmeieriet, Røroskjøtt and Toten Eggpakkeri are examples of companies who have benefited from Nofimas program and launched good organic products to market.

In 2015 Nofima has been responsible for eight different specialist courses for large households. The courses have taken place at different locations across the country include baking, vegetarian, fruits and berries courses.

In three different surveys Nofima has queried large households chefs on the greatest obstacles preventing increased use of organic food.

“Our enquiries show that the supply of organic products to large households are characterized by lack of adaptation to these customer’s needs as products having higher degree of processed, chopped, ready to use products in large enough volume and packaging size,” says project manager Isabell Lien.

Organic meat and meat products are considered virtually unavailable, partly due to very small supply, partly due to price.

The price remains too high, according to many large households chefs – up to 50 per cent higher for some organic products compared to conventional products.

It appears that a better coordination of specifying – and ordering products would document the overall volume required. Such documentation will likely also have an impact on the price as well.

The Norwegian Agriculture Agency

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