In June the +Grønt products was launched at Choice Hotel Christiania in the presence of the Norwegian Minister of Agriculture and Food, Jon Georg Dale, who was most impressed with both the flavour and the opportunities for value creation. Photo: Marit Haugdal, Dagligvarehandelen

Project Year 2016

New flexitarian favourites

With this new product category, containing up to 50% vegetables, people who wants to eat a bit more vegetables get more easy options.

The first product in the +Grønt series is meatballs made with 33% vegetables. They are currently only available to hotels, restaurants and canteens, but the research project participants in “GRØNTiKJØTT “ are hoping that +Grønt products will soon be available in grocery stores too.

“The aim of the project is to develop a new product category: sustainable, healthy everyday products consisting of ground meat and a high content of vegetables,” explains Nofima scientist Grethe Iren Andersen Borge, who is leading the multidisciplinary team of scientists at Nofima in the project.

Healthy and eco-friendly

Cauliflower is a key vegetable in the +Grønt meatballs. Undersized florets are discarded when cauliflower is cut and deep-freezed by the industry. For cauliflower alone, the company has 30 tonnes food waste per year. These are now used and thereby preventing food waste.

+Grønt uses perfectly good vegetables that cannot be sold as they are, simply due to their size or appearance. Now, instead of being used for animal feed, as is often the case today, the vegetables will be used in the +Grønt products.

“The research is on optimisation of raw material combinations, processing and storage, and the effects on sensory, microbial and health-related quality,” says Borge.

Added value for Norwegian meat and vegetables

The food company Jæder is the project owner and is launching the +Grønt series. They expect to increase their sales to existing customers by some NOK 100 million a year and also see a potential in new customer groups.

“We want to be a pioneer that creates added value for both Norwegian meat and Norwegian vegetables through processing in new and innovative ways”, says marketing manager at Jæder, Guro Espeland, who is the project manager.

They will achieve this by working closely with Nofima and the companies at various levels in the value chain.

Jæder Ådne Espeland, Norrek Dypfrys, ABC, Nordic Choice Hotels, Animalia, Fjordland, Fjordkjøkken og Gdansk Technical University.

The Research Council of Norway and the partners

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