Får du nå lyst på varme pannekaker? Denne har ekstra protein, og kan gjerne nytes med rømme og syltetøy.
Does this make you crave hot pancakes? This one has extra protein, and goes well with sour cream and jam. Photo: Guro Helgesdotter Rognså

Project Year 2019

Good food with extra protein

 Processing technology  

Do you think protein enrichment is only about sprinkling protein powder on food and mixing it in? Think again.

You’ve probably seen them at the grocery store – yogurts, biscuits or beverages labelled as being fortified with extra protein. There is a growing market for
protein-enriched food and beverages for people who work out or people who for various reasons, such as illness or special diets, are unable to get enough protein. Others buy it because they belive protein is healthy.

Many hurdles to overcome

Protein-enriched foods can be manufactured because researchers have managed to extract protein from various types of raw materials. But how do you make that protein fit for consumption?

“Many processed protein ingredients have a bitter or sour taste. When they are added to a product, other ingredients often have to mask or compensate for that unwanted taste. The consistency and mouthfeel can also be affected. All the ingredients must complement each other, and the production methods often require certain adjustments”, says scientist Guro Helgesdotter Rognså.

She has tested many prototypes of protein-enriched foods where the taste was unsatisfactory.

“The food should not only be healthy, but also taste good”, says Rognså.

And of course, it should also yield a profit. Since many of the protein ingredients can be expensive, the manufacturers have to consider whether – and in what quantities – it pays to add protein.

Varied products

Nofima is looking into this. Over the course of several projects we have developed protein-enriched bread, pastries, beverages and meat substitutes. For an assignment on behalf of AM Nutrition, Nofima chef and adviser Stian Gjerstad Iversen worked on using pea protein in pancakes and bread.

He combines his expertise and experience as a chef with insights from the latest research to develop great recipes. Stian also provides advice on the new protein ingredients’ wanted properties, to make sure they work well with other ingredients.

The result? Delicious, protein-rich pastries.

AM Nutrition, five industrial partners and two research partners

Various funding sources

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