Hadeland Viltslakteri and Ask produce meat products. They greatly appreciate useful advice from Nofimas sausage maker Tom Chr. Johannessen. Photo: Jon-Are Berg-Jakobsen/Nofima

Project Year 2015

Good advice from sausage maker

Hadeland Viltslakteri and Ask are neighbours on Randsfjord lake. Both produce meat products and are grateful towards Nofima's sausage maker.

The two local food producers have benefited from the Competence Network for local food in eastern Norway, which is administered by Nofima. It is particularly the expertise of Nofima’s sausage maker Tom Johannessen they have benefited from through courses and access to a visitation scheme.

“Tom is an important partner in discussions. If I am to take any major decisions, such as purchasing equipment or altering the recipe, I always consult him,” says Tor Egil Torp at Hadeland Viltslakteri.

Husband and wife Tor Egil Torp and Ramona Narvesen both work full-time producing smoked sausages, grilling sausages and meat patties.

“I started the game slaughterhouse with no training. There was quite a bit of trial and error, so I soon saw a need for more knowledge. It’s more than 15 years since I attended my first course with Tom. Then I learned about starter cultures, and after that errors dropped radically,” Tor Egil says.

Kristoffer and Anne Marte Evang at Ask Gård are artists, but now the days are mainly dedicated to producing organic smoked sausages and cured leg of mutton. Kristoffer works full time as a producer of cured meats. Anne Marte works part time.

The profit from cured meat has been used to upgrade the production facility – which was bought on Tom’s recommendation.

“In addition to providing advice on which equipment is most suitable for us, Tom also has good contacts and knows whether other manufacturers have equipment for sale and whether it’s suitable for us. We have made great savings,” Kristoffer says. He has used several of the courses from the Competence Network, and has also taken part in a course in sensory assessment – tasting.

Taste has always been key. Other aspects that have been important for Anne Marte and Kristoffer are that the food is pure and genuine, and that the design is attractive and suits the products.

Anne Marte also believes they timed the organic wave well too.

Soon they are initiating a new product development project in cooperation with Nofima. This time the goal is to develop organic and tasty fresh sausages.

Hadeland Viltslakteri, Ask Gård

The competence network for local food and Økologiprogrammet

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