Kasper Christensen, Antje Gonera and Stine Alm Hersleth have together with Einar Risvik, written the book about innovation. Photo: Jon-Are Berg-Jacobsen/Nofima

Project Year 2016

From insight to impact

Nofima has published a book promoting and describing innovation in Norwegian food production, with examples of innovation in practice.

“The examples are based on innovations that Nofima has been involved in in one way or another, meaning we have good first-hand knowledge of the cases,” says senior scientist Einar Risvik.

Nofima’s involvement strategy

Relationship building usually starts out small, and as the level of trust increases, good ideas sprout and with time grow into major projects. For several of the companies that have accompanied Nofima into the world of research, it all began with a visit from a specialist.

The next step was to become part of a network, before eventually taking part in national or international research projects. Nofima’s strategy is to facilitate this journey.

The authors describe underlying conditions that may affect innovation, and examples of trends in society are coupled with innovation theory. The goal is to create an understanding of the diversity of and opportunities for innovation.

The examples are intended to provide useful insights and inspiration for future innovation work. Innovations can also arise in a supranational perspective.

New Nordic Food is such an example. Taking New Nordic Food as starting point, the authors describe the political and cultural frameworks and explain through examples how an overarching innovative concept can spark different types of innovation.

Less focus on price

Many of the examples in the book illustrate an innovation strategy that fits a high-cost country like Norway, i.e. innovations that emphasise perceived quality and consumer needs rather than price.

“For knowledge to add value, there are many stages you have to go through. Although it is not always easy to open to new ways of thinking, innovation is like a muscle that needs training. The more we do it, the better we become”, says senior scientist Antje Gonera.

“In the end, good innovations add value to businesses and society”.

The Foundation for Research Levy on Agricultural Products (FFL) and the Research Council of Norway

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