“The goal is maximum protein with the best taste", says scientist Birthe Vang. Photo: Audun Iversen © Nofima

Project Year 2018

Focus on fish powder

 Marine biotechnology  

Nofima and Myre Havbruk AS are working on a product that could enable protein powder from fish to achieve much higher prices.

Fish meal has been around for a while. The real challenge is production of a virtually odourless, flavourless powder on an industrial scale.
In a previous project, Nofima developed a process to make a tasty protein powder from cod backbones. Now scientists and commercial players are working together to scale this process up for industrial use.

Maximizing value

Andre Reinholdtsen from Myre Havbruk is a pioneer within live storage of cod. Using the freshest raw materials, he wants to extract protein from the parts of the fish that are left after fileting.
“We want to maximize the value from live-stored fish so that we can pay the fishermen so well that this kind of fishing is profitable without subsidization,” says Reinholdtsen.
Live-stored fish are like line-caught fish in terms of raw material quality, which affects the end product. Hydrolysis is used to extract protein from the residual biomass. Different hydrolysis parameters are being tested.
“The goal is maximum protein with the best taste. We now want to scale up the results we achieve in the lab for industrial production. We are doing this in the Nofima-run national facility for marine bioprocessing – Biotep in Tromsø,” says scientist Birthe Vang.

Huge benefits for the entire industry

The scientists aim to find out which raw materials, process and infrastructure are best to maximize yield and profits on cod trimmings after filleting.
Fish powder can be used as a dietary supplement and also added to fish soups, fish cakes and other processed seafood products to provide extra protein. “Processes developed for use of trimmings from whitefish will benefit the entire industry,” adds the scientist.

Myre Havbruk AS

The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund - FHF

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