Bjørn Tore Rotabakk (Nofima) and John Fagan (BIM) are collaborating on developing the Irish seafood industry. Photo: Nofima.

Project Year 2019

A popular research partner

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Nofima’s work on seafood quality and processing activities has made the institute an attractive collaboration partner – in Norway and abroad.

In 2019, Nofima had clients and commissions from over 30 countries, including Ireland.

Irish fishermen catch a lot of hake, a white fish which is sensitive to handling, with meat that becomes soft fast. You get a good price for it – if the quality is good.

Improved quality

This summer, researcher Bjørn Tore Rotabakk completed a project investigating the quality and durability of hake caught by Irish fishing boats. The varying quality is a problem for the industry, and faster cooling could be the answer.

”We tested super-cooling technology, where the fish is rapidly cooled to below the freezing point, on board several boats. When done right, the quality of the meat improves, and the fishermen get paid more for the catch”, says Rotabakk.

The project was funded by Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM), an Irish government agency responsible for further developing the Irish seafood industry. This was Nofima’s second assignment funded by BIM after Nofima and BIM entered into a partnership agreement in 2016.

Irish friends

”We greatly appreciate this partnership. Nofima’s valuable insights and expertise in innovation, technology transfer and sustainability represent a great advantage for BIM and the Irish seafood sector”, says John Fagan, Innovative Technologies Coordinator at BIM.

BIM finances research only on seafood technology that is close to commercialization. Magnar Pedersen, Director of the Seafood Division at Nofima, says Nofima has come a long way through strategic priorities in developing future-oriented knowledge and technology for the seafood sector.

“For several years, we have been working intensively on strategies to ensure high-class research on seafood processing and quality. The international demand confirms that we have made many correct decisions”, says Pedersen.

Bord Iascaigh Mhara (Irish Sea Fisheries Board)

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