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Tina H.E. Thesslund has 8 publications at Nofima:

Comparative quality evaluation of processed clusters obtained from red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) typical of spring and autumn harvests in the Barents Sea

Lian, Federico; Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Hustad, Anette; Thesslund, Tina; Lindberg, Stein-Kato; Lorentzen, Grete Elisabeth


Low Oxygen Stress During Early Development Influences Regulation of Hypoxia-Response Genes in Farmed Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)

Kelly, Tara; Johnsen, Hanne; Burgerhout, Erik; Tveiten, Helge; Thesslund, Tina; Andersen, Øivind; Robinson, Nicholas Andrew


Temperature selection and the final thermal preferendum of snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio, Decapoda) from the Barents Sea

Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Bakke, Snorre; Sæther, Bjørn-Steinar; Thesslund, Tina; Christiansen, Jørgen Schou


The improvement of size selection in red king crab traps

Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Humborstad, Odd Børre; Haugan, Erling; Gomez, David Izquierdo; Thesslund, Tina; Hustad, Anette


Capture and live holding of snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio)- quality and animal welfare in relation to storage time

Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Johansson, Gunhild Seljehaug; Johnsen, Hanne; Hustad, Anette; Thesslund, Tina; Olsen, Stein Harris; Lorentzen, Grete Elisabeth


First observations of temperature tolerances of adult male snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) from the Barents Sea population and the effects on the fisheries strategy

Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Whitaker, Ragnhild; Sæther, Bjørn-Steinar; James, Philip; Olsen, Bjørn Ronald; Thesslund, Tina; Hustad, Anette; Mortensen, Atle


Rapport/Report 29/2016 - English summary

Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Whitaker, Ragnhild; Olsen, Stein Harris; Thesslund, Tina; Hustad, Anette; Mortensen, Atle


Rapport/Report 19/2016 – English summary

Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Martinsen, Gustav; Sæther, Bjørn-Steinar; Thesslund, Tina