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Biography Sveinung Grimsby

I have been working as an adviser and project leader at Ås from 2006. Here I am leading EC projects, projects supported by the government and private projects. I am leading product development network and I am doing company visits. I am also involved in a research program on innovation in the food industry. I am professional person on fruits, vegetables, organic production and product management After studying five years at UMB in Ås, I started working in a company called L.O.G AS. Here I worked as a product manager for biological plant protection and with vegetable seeds. I was fully employed in a Innovasjon Norge project for two years, where I commercialised berries, grown in greenhouses. I have been working for three years as a projectleader for a national governmental program called “Schoolfruit”. At this time I was located at Opplysningskontoret for frukt og grønnsaker. Here I was also responsible for the organic project for all the agricultural generic information offices in the Norwegian marked.

Sveinung has 14 other publications in Cristin:

Grimsby, Sveinung; 2019: The paradox of openness: The case of EU Novel Food policy and patents

Grimsby, Sveinung; 2019: Novel Food policy and openness

Grimsby, Sveinung; 2018: Regulating innovation - Novel Food policy and openness

Grimsby, Sveinung; 2017: Innovasjon i Cerealbransjen

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Grimsby, Sveinung; 2017: Knekkebrød - en norsk suksess

Grimsby, Sveinung; 2016: Experimental product development through online grocery stores

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Grimsby, Sveinung; 2015: Hvordan øke produksjonen av frukt og bær i Østfold og Akershus?

Grimsby, Sveinung; Risvik, Einar; 2015: Trender innen grønnsaksproduksjon

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Grimsby, Sveinung; 2013: Bærekraftparadokser, matproduksjon og innovasjon

Grimsby, Sveinung; Ueland, Øydis; Segtnan, Anne; Tomic, Oliver; Kigen, A; Angelsen, T; 2010: Understanding school children’s preferences for apple varieties in order to provide variation and promote consumption of Norwegian apples