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Biography Ragnhild Dragøy

I work as research director for the marine biotechnology (MB) group at Nofima. In this group, we focus on the optimal exploitation of side streams and unused marine biomass. Side streams or by-products is a collective term that is often used to describe the biomass that is not part of the conventional fish or shellfish product. We work constantly to ensure that the valuable components in this biomass is conserved and put to use.
In addition to the side stream, there is a significant biomass from the oceans that is not yet exploited, and we focus on the sustainable use of these resources too.
We work together across Nofima to ensure total exploitation of all the biomass from the sea as well as from land, and we work to optimize the entire value chain from research to commercialization. We aim at increasing the value from all the precious marine resources we have in Norway and globally.
My academic background is a PhD in chemistry and an MBA in sustainable innovation in global seafood. My experience comes from the academic and commercial sectors and I have expertize with in innovation in bioprocessing, bioprospecting, nano- and micro technology and commercialization and I focus on sustainable exploitation of the resources we have in the sea.

Ragnhild Dragøy has 22 publications at Nofima:

Processing Mixed Mesopelagic Biomass from the North-East Atlantic into Aquafeed Resources; Implication for Food Safety

Berntssen, Marc HG; Thoresen, Lars; Albrektsen, Sissel; Grimaldo, Vela Eduardo; Grimsmo, Leif; Whitaker, Ragnhild Dragøy; Sele, Veronika; Wiech, Martin


First observation of seasonal variations in the meat and co-products of the snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) in the Barents Sea

Solstad, Runar Gjerp; Descomps, Alexandre; Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Karstad, Rasmus Tørnes; Vang, Birthe; Whitaker, Ragnhild Dragøy


Marine Bioactive Peptides in Supplements and Functional Foods – A Commercial Perspective

Dragøy, Ragnhild; Altintzoglou, Themistoklis; Lian, Kjersti; Noriega Fernández, Estefanía


Snow crab: a seafood adventure?

Dragøy, Ragnhild; Voldnes, Gøril


Iron powder from salmon blood

Dragøy, Ragnhild; Solstad, Runar Gjerp


Microalgae in salmon feed, new solution for reducing salmon lice infection

Hustad, Anette; Vang, Birthe; Eilertsen, Hans Christian; Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Sæther, Bjørn-Steinar; Svalheim, Ragnhild Aven; Hansen, Espen Holst; Svenning, Jon Brage; Kousoulaki, Katerina; Whitaker, Ragnhild


Prototype production and market testing of protein powder from cod (Go BIG)

Vang, Birthe; Lian, Kjersti; Reinholdsen, André; Whitaker, Ragnhild


High value products from whitefish heads and backs

Arnesen, Jan-Arne; Vang, Birthe; Albrektsen, Sissel; Whitaker, Ragnhild


Integration of continuous hydrolysis infrastructure at Biotep

Whitaker, Ragnhild; Aarøen, Sverre; Djupevåg, Olav Asle; Sandnes, Kjartan


Peptide recovery and commercialization by enzymatic hydrolysis of marine biomass

Vang, Birthe; Altintzoglou, Themistoklis; Måge, Ingrid; Wubshet, Sileshi Gizachew; Afseth, Nils Kristian; Whitaker, Ragnhild


Current status of the Red King Crab (Paralithodes camtchaticus) and Snow Crab (Chionoecetes opilio) industries in Norway

Lorentzen, Grete Elisabeth; Voldnes, Gøril; Whitaker, Ragnhild; Kvalvik, Ingrid; Vang, Birthe; Solstad, Runar Gjerp; Thomassen, Marte Renate; Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar


Valorization of Proteins from Co- and By-Products from the Fish and Meat Industry

Aspevik, Tone; Oterhals, Åge; Rønning, Sissel Beate; Altintzoglou, Themistoklis; Wubshet, Sileshi Gizachew; Gildberg, Asbjørn; Afseth, Nils Kristian; Whitaker, Ragnhild; Lindberg, Diana


First observations of temperature tolerances of adult male snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) from the Barents Sea population and the effects on the fisheries strategy

Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Whitaker, Ragnhild; Sæther, Bjørn-Steinar; James, Philip; Olsen, Bjørn Ronald; Thesslund, Tina; Hustad, Anette; Mortensen, Atle


Proteiner med potensial

Afseth, Nils Kristian; Moren, Mari; Whitaker, Ragnhild


Seafood from Norway - Food safety

Lorentzen, Grete Elisabeth; Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Whitaker, Ragnhild


Rapport/Report 29/2016 - English summary

Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Whitaker, Ragnhild; Olsen, Stein Harris; Thesslund, Tina; Hustad, Anette; Mortensen, Atle


Rapport/Report 4/2016 – English summary

Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Olsen, Stein Harris; Whitaker, Ragnhild; James, Philip; Evensen, Tor Hatten; Mortensen, Atle; Olsen, Bjørn Ronald


Mobiliserer for snøkrabbe

Whitaker, Ragnhild; Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar