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Biography Morten Sivertsvik

I am director of research in department of processing technology and have worked for Nofima since 1992. My research areas are preservation and processing of food, with special emphasis on fish, seafood, and packaging technology. I have a PhD in food science from Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU (2003), MBA from University of Manchester (2020), MSc chemistry from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU (1990). In addition I have training within EHS course for leaders (2013), leadership and management (2009-2010, BI – Norwegian School of Management), packaging economist DNE (1993-1995, Norwegian Association of Packaging) and officer training (1991, army engineer corps, BSIV). My linkedin profile:

Morten Sivertsvik has 56 publications at Nofima:

Evaluation of physical and instrumentally determined sensory attributes of Atlantic salmon portions packaged in modified atmosphere and vacuum skin

Chan, Sherry Stephanie; Skare, Maren; Rotabakk, Bjørn Tore; Sivertsvik, Morten; Lerfall, Jørgen; Løvdal, Trond; Roth, Bjørn


Current status of biobased and biodegradable food packaging materials: Impact on food quality and effect of innovative processing technologies

Nilsen-Nygaard, Julie; Noriega Fernández, Estefanía ; Radusin, Tanja; Rotabakk, Bjørn Tore; Sarfraz, Jawad; Sharmin, Nusrat; Sivertsvik, Morten; Sone, Izumi; Pettersen, Marit Kvalvåg


Publish or Die

Sivertsvik, Morten


Towards the Next-Generation Disinfectant: Composition, Storability and Preservation Potential of Plasma Activated Water on Baby Spinach Leaves

Vaka, Mette Risa; Sone, Izumi; Álvarez, Rebecka García; Walsh, James Leon; Prabhu, Leena; Sivertsvik, Morten; Noriega Fernández, Estefanía


Antioxidant/Antibacterial Electrospun Nanocoatings Applied onto PLA Films

Munteanu, Bogdanel Sivestru; Sacarescu, Liviu; Vasiliu, Ana-Lavinia; Hitruc, Gabriela Elena; Pricope, Gina M; Sivertsvik, Morten; Rosnes, Jan Thomas; Vasile, Cornelia


Comparative Analysis of Two Bioplasticizers Used to Modulate the Properties of PLA Biocomposites

Rapa, Maria; Nita, Raluca Nicoleta Darie; Irimia, Anamaria; Sivertsvik, Morten; Rosnes, Jan Thomas; Trifoi, Ancuta Roxana; Vasile, Cornelia; Tanase, Elisabeta Elena; Gherman, Timea; Popa, Mona Elena; Mitelut, Amalia Carmen


From wine to hollandaise sauce: Does the nature of the wine or wine reduction influence sensory attributes?

Rognså, Guro Helgesdotter; Rathe, Morten; Petersen, Mikael Agerlin; Misje, Knut-Espen; Brüggemann, Dagmar Adeline; Hersleth, Margrethe; Sivertsvik, Morten; Risbo, Jens


From wine to wine reduction: Sensory and chemical aspects

Rognså, Guro Helgesdotter; Rathe, Morten; Petersen, Mikael Agerlin; Misje, Knut-Espen; Hersleth, Margrethe; Sivertsvik, Morten; Risbo, Jens


Comparative analysis of the composition and active property evaluation of certain essential oils to assess their potential applications in active food packaging

Vasile, Cornelia; Sivertsvik, Morten; Mitelut, Amalia Carmen; Brebu, Mihai Adrian; Stoleru, Elena; Rosnes, Jan Thomas; Tănase, Elisabeta Elena; Khan, Waqas; Pamfil, Daniela; Cornea, Călina Petruţa; Irimia, Anamaria; Popa, Mona Elena


Influence of chitosan on mechanical, thermal, barrier and antimicrobial properties of PLA-biocomposites for food packaging

Râpă, Maria; Miteluţ, Amalia Carmen; Tănase, Elisabeta Elena; Grosu, Elena; Popescu, Paul; Popa, Mona Elena; Rosnes, Jan Thomas; Sivertsvik, Morten; Darie-Niţă, Raluca Nicoleta; Vasile, Cornelia


Preparation methods influence gastronomical outcome of hollandaise sauce

Rognså, Guro Helgesdotter; Rathe, Morten; Paulsen, Morten Thyregod; Petersen, Mikael Agerlin; Brüggemann, Dagmar Adeline; Sivertsvik, Morten; Risbo, Jens


Effect of different modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) gaseous combinations on Campylobacter and the shelf-life of chilled poultry fillets

Meredith, H; Valdramidis, Vasilis P; Rotabakk, Bjørn Tore; Sivertsvik, Morten; McDowell, D.A.; Bolton, D.J.


Detection of small bioactive peptides from Atlantic herring (clupea harengus L.)

Pampanin, Daniela M.; Larssen, Eivind; Sivertsvik, Morten; Provan, Fiona; Ruoff, Peter; Sydnes, Magne Olav


Solubility, absorption and desorption of carbon dioxide in chicken breast fillets

Rotabakk, Bjørn T; Lekang, Odd-Ivar; Sivertsvik, Morten


Pre rigor filleting and brining of farmed cod: Influence on quality and storage stability

Esaiassen, Margrethe; Dahl, Reidun Wenche; Eilertsen, Guro; Gundersen, Bjørn; Sivertsvik, Morten


AR.03.07 ”Fra Bunn til Munn” State of the art, November 2007

Vold, Mie; Svanes, Erik; Hanssen, Ole Jørgen; Skogedal, Camilla Rostad; Sivertsvik, Morten; Rotabakk, Bjørn Tore; Kjærnsrød, Steinar; Gunnarson, Bengt


Characterisation of the dominant bacterial population in modified atmosphere packaged farmed halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus) based on 16S rDNA-DGGE

Hovda, Maria Befring; Sivertsvik, Morten; Lunestad, Bjørn Tore; Lorentzen, Grete Elisabeth; Rosnes, Jan Thomas


Effect of modified atmosphere packaging and superchilled storage on the shelf-life of farmed ready-to-cook spotted wolf-fish (Anarhichas minor)

Rosnes, Jan Thomas; Kleiberg , Gro haugvaldstad; Sivertsvik, Morten; Lunestad, Bjørn Tore; Lorentzen, Grete Elisabeth


Brining of farmed cod fillets: Effect on quality aspects

Esaiassen, Margrethe; Lorentzen, Grete Elisabeth; Dahl, Reidun Wenche; Eilertsen, Guro; Gundersen, Bjørn; Tobiassen, Torbjørn; Sivertsvik, Morten


Effects of brining conditions on weight gain in herring (Clupea harengus) fillets

Birkeland, Sveinung; Sivertsvik, Morten; Nielsen, Henrik H.; Skåra, Torstein


Ny gasspakking innfrir bare delvis

Eie, Thomas; Pettersen, Lars Erik; Skjerdal, O.T.; Sivertsvik, Morten; Egelandsdal, Bjørg


Differences in chewing sounds of dry-crisp snacks by multivariate data analysis

De Belie, N.; Sivertsvik, Morten; De Baerdemaeker, Josse


Safe and sound: minimally processed fish products

Skåra, Torstein; Rosnes, Jan Thomas; Sivertsvik, Morten