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Biography Marthe Jordbrekk Blikra

I am a PhD Fellow at Nofima in Stavanger and DTU (Technical University of Denmark). In the PhD project I characterize the processes occurring during cooking of cod in a convection oven, and model these using the software COMSOL Multiphysics. Specific areas of investigation are transport of heat and mass (evaporation and cook loss), denaturation of proteins, changes in texture/rheological properties, heat-induced shrinkage, and characterization of the cook loss.

In addition to cod I am very interested in seaweeds, particularly sugar kelp and winged kelp, and studied the quality changes during blanching of these species in my master thesis project. As a result, I am now involved in several other projects focused on utilizing seaweeds in foods, and plan to continue working with this topic.

Marthe Jordbrekk Blikra has 7 publications at Nofima:

Dimensional change and cook loss during heating of fish: Problem formulation and semi-empirical modeling approach

Blikra, Marthe Jordbrekk; Hodnefjell, Åse Venke; Feyissa, Aberham H.; Skipnes, Dagbjørn


Low-concentration salting of cod loins: The effect on biochemical properties and predicted water retention during heating

Blikra, Marthe Jordbrekk; Jessen, Flemming; Feyissa, Aberham H.; Vaka, Mette Risa; Skipnes, Dagbjørn


Model for heat and mass transport during cooking of cod loin in a convection oven

Blikra, Marthe Jordbrekk; Skipnes, Dagbjørn; Feyissa, Aberham H.


Assessment of food quality and microbial safety of brown macroalgae (Alaria esculenta and Saccharina latissima)

Blikra, Marthe Jordbrekk; Løvdal, Trond; Vaka, Mette Risa; Roiha, Irja Sunde; Lunestad, Bjørn Tore; Lindseth, Cecilie; Skipnes, Dagbjørn


OPTIMAL – Developing a decision support tool for optimization of process and product quality

Sone, Izumi; Blikra, Marthe Jordbrekk; Schulz, Jörn; Feyissa, Aberham H.