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Biography Marie Lillehammer

I work as a post doc, where I study how genomic selection can be implemented in the breeding programmes for salmon, pig and dairy cattle. The project is in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) and the breeding organisations Aqua Gen, Norsvin and Geno. I hold a PhD in animal breeding and genetics from UMB and I have also worked as a researcher at Statistics Norway.

Marie Lillehammer has 26 publications at Nofima:

Impact of vaccination and selective breeding on the transmission of Infectious salmon anemia virus

Chase-Topping, Margo E.; Pooley, Chris; Moghadam, Hooman; Hillestad, Borghild; Lillehammer, Marie; Sveen, Lene; Doeschl-Wilson, Andrea


Gene technology improves shrimp health

Robinson, Nicholas Andrew; Lillehammer, Marie


Genomic selection for white spot syndrome virus resistance in whiteleg shrimp boosts survival under an experimental challenge test

Lillehammer, Marie; Bangera, Rama; Salazar, Marcela; Vela, Sergio; Erazo, Edna C.; Suarez, Andres; Cock, James; Rye, Morten; Robinson, Nicholas Andrew


Genetic variation and heritability of grain protein deviation in European wheat genotypes

Mosleth, Ellen Færgestad; Lillehammer, Marie; Pellny, Till K.; Wood, Abigail J.; Riche, Andrew B.; Hussain, Abrar; Griffiths, Simon; Hawkesford, Malcolm J.; Shewry, Peter R.


Genomic selection strategies to improve maternal traits in Norwegian White Sheep

Lillehammer, Marie; Sonesson, Anna Kristina; Klemetsdal, Gunnar; Blichfeldt, Thor; Meuwissen, Theodorus


Genome-wide association mapping and accuracy of predictions for amoebic gill disease in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Aslam, Muhammad Luqman; Boison, Solomon Antwi ; Lillehammer, Marie; Norris, Ashie; Gjerde, Bjarne


Estimates of genetic correlations between susceptibility of Atlantic salmon to amoebic gill disease in a bath challenge test and a field test

Gjerde, Bjarne; Boison, Solomon Antwi ; Aslam, Muhammad Luqman; Løvoll, Marie; Bakke, Håvard; Rey, Simon; Lillehammer, Marie


Genetic parameters of resistance to amoebic gill disease in two Norwegian Atlantic salmon populations

Lillehammer, Marie; Boison, Solomon Antwi ; Norris, Ashie; Løvoll, Marie Therese; Bakke, Håvard; Gjerde, Bjarne


Is genetic resistance to AGD from a bath challenge-test a good predictor of genetic resistance from a field-test?

Gjerde, Bjarne; Boison, Solomon Antwi ; Aslam, Muhammad Luqman; Moghadam, Hooman; Lillehammer, Marie; Løvoll, Marie; Rey, Simon


Risk assessment of microorganisms in biostimulants. Opinion of the Panel on Biological Hazards of the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety

Joner, Erik; Skjerve, Eystein; Sundheim, Leif; Tronsmo, Arne; Wasteson, Yngvild; Eckner, Karl Fredrich; Kapperud, Georg; Lassen, Jørgen Fr; Narvhus, Judith; Nesbakken, Truls; Robertson, Lucy; Rosnes, Jan Thomas; Skjerdal, Taran; Vold, Line


Use of field data in pig genomic selection schemes: A simulation study

Lillehammer, Marie; Sonesson, Anna Kristina; Meuwissen, Theo


Genetic (co) variance of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) body weight and its uniformity across production environments

Sae-Lim, Panya; Kause, Antti; Janhunen, Matti; Vehviläinen, Harri; Koskinen, Heikki; Gjerde, Bjarne; Lillehammer, Marie; Mulder, Han A.


Genetics of growth reaction norms in farmed rainbow trout

Sae-Lim, Panya; Mulder, Han; Gjerde, Bjarne; Koskinen, Heikki; Lillehammer, Marie; Kause, Antti


The dissemination of genetic improvement in salmon production

Skagemo, Vibeke; Sonesson, Anna Kristina; Meuwissen, Theo; Lillehammer, Marie; Rye, Morten


Genomic selection for two traits in a maternal pig breeding scheme

Lillehammer, Marie; Meuwissen, Theo; Sonesson, Anna Kristina


Survival, growth and sexual maturation in Atlantic salmon exposed to infectious pancreatic necrosis: a multi-variate mixture model approach

Lillehammer, Marie; Ødegård, Jørgen; Madsen, Per; Gjerde, Bjarne; Refstie, Terje; Rye, Morten


Genomic selection for maternal traits in pigs

Lillehammer, Marie; Meuwissen, Theodorus; Sonesson, Anna Kristina


A comparison of dairy cattle breeding designs that use genomic selection

Lillehammer, Marie; Meuwissen, Theodorus; Sonesson, Anna Kristina


Gene by environment interactions for production traits in Australian dairy cattle

Lillehammer, Marie; Hayes, Ben J.; Meuwissen, Theodorus; Goddard, Mike E.