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Kevin Torben Stiller has 6 publications at Nofima:

The effects of ozone on Atlantic salmon post-smolt in brackish water — Establishing welfare indicators and thresholds

Stiller, Kevin Torben; Kolarevic, Jelena; Lazado, Carlo C.; Gerwins, Jascha; Good, Christopher; Summerfelt, Steven T.; Mota, Vasco C.; Espmark, Åsa Maria Olofsdotter


The effect of salinity and photoperiod on thermal tolerance of Atlantic and coho salmon reared from smolt to adult in recirculating aquaculture systems

Hines, Chandler W.; Fang, Yuanchang; Chan, Victor K.S.; Stiller, Kevin Torben; Brauner, Colin J.; Richards, Jeffrey G.


Elevated nitrate levels affect the energy metabolism of pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) in RAS

Steinberg, Kathrin; Zimmermann, Jan; Stiller, Kevin Torben; Nwanna, Lawrence; Meyer, Stefan; Schulz, Carsten


The effect of carbon dioxide on fish growth performance in recirculating aquaculture systems

Stiller, Kevin Torben; Nilsen, Tom Ole; Mota, Vasco C.; Gerwins, Jascha; Gallo, Michele; Ytteborg, Elisabeth; Bæverfjord, Grete; Kolarevic, Jelena; Summerfelt, Steven T.; Terjesen, Bendik Fyhn