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Kenneth Aase Kristoffersen has 6 publications at Nofima:

Average molecular weight, degree of hydrolysis and dry-film FTIR fingerprint of milk protein hydrolysates: Intercorrelation and application in process monitoring.

Kristoffersen, Kenneth Aase; Afseth, Nils Kristian; Böcker, Ulrike; Lindberg, Diana; de Vogel-van den Bosch, Heleen; Ruud, Mari Linnea; Wubshet, Sileshi Gizachew


Screening of by-products from the food industry as growth promoting agents in serum-free media for skeletal muscle cell culture.

Andreassen, R. Christel; Pedersen, Mona Elisabeth; Kristoffersen, Kenneth Aase; Rønning, Sissel Beate


FTIR-based hierarchical modeling for prediction of average molecular weights of protein hydrolysates

Kristoffersen, Kenneth Aase; Liland, Kristian Hovde; Böcker, Ulrike; Wubshet, Sileshi Gizachew; Lindberg, Diana; Horn, Svein Jarle; Afseth, Nils Kristian


Chapter 8 - Bioanalytical Aspects in Enzymatic Protein Hydrolysis of By-Products

Wubshet, Sileshi Gizachew; Lindberg, Diana; Veiseth-Kent, Eva; Kristoffersen, Kenneth Aase; Böcker, Ulrike; Washburn, Kathryn E.; Afseth, Nils Kristian


Trifluoroacetylation of electron-rich thiophenes

Kristoffersen, Kenneth Aase; Benneche, Tore