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Biography Jorunn Sofie Hansen

I am a researcher in Nofima, and has been employed here since 1991. My area of expertise includes processing of fish and vegetables (etc.) into attractive dishes or toppings in partnership with foodservice and industry. Mild processing takes care of healthy meal components, while stronger heat treatment as autoclaving provides extra durability. Actual packaging technologies are sous vide, cook chill or boil server. I have been responsible for a number of networks for industry and catering sector. In collaboration with colleagues at Nofima work includes dissemination of criteria and knowledge for developing meals for large / small food factories, hospitals, nursing homes and restaurants nationwide. I have participated in numerous projects and training days on innovation, meal components, food technology, food & health and HACCP. My interest is particularly healthy and tasty meal concepts for young and old. The first 10 years of work in Norconserv I worked with external mandates for HACCP and quality systems. I have previous experience at PRIOR Østfold and TINE R & D (1985-1991). The work included product development and management in processing. I have master’s degree from the Norwegian Environmental and Life Sciences University (NMBU), Ås (1985). The main task was performed by PRIOR and Matforsk on the topic “Turkey toppings”. I have had directorship at the Technical Committee for Washing and Disinfection (TKVDN) and in Norconserv AS.