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Biography Jan-Gunnar Winther

I have served as Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute from 2005–2017, as Lead Author of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, as deputy leader of the expert group on the High North established by Jens Stoltenberg’s Second Cabinet, as the Norwegian expert representative at the Arctic Council and the Antarctic Treaty, and held professorships at UNIS and EPFL in Lausanne, in addition to attending the Norwegian Defence University College in 2003 and 2013.
I obtained my doctorate in polar hydrology from the Norwegian Institute of Technology, and have published more than 60 scientific articles, over 100 opinion pieces, and three books. I am a member of the United Nations Global Compact Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business, World Economic Forum’s Friends of Ocean Action, China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, The Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences, and The Explorers Club.
I have lead several scientific expeditions to the Polar Regions, including the Jubilee Expedition to the South Pole in 2011 which followed in Roald Amundsen’s footsteps. In 2013 I was the leader of the International Nansen Memorial Expedition from Arkhangelsk to the Yenisei River, and represented Norway at the Olympic torch relay at the North Pole leading up to the Sochi Olympics. During the 2014 Norwegian Constitution Jubilee I initiated the Grunnlovsseilasen sailing expedition, where the schooner Anna Rogde sailed from Hammerfest to Oslo to highlight the importance of and possibilities for Coastal Norway in both a historical and forward-looking perspective.

Jan-Gunnar Winther has 9 publications at Nofima:

Integrated Ocean Management

Winther, Jan-Gunnar; Dai, Minhan; Douvere, Fanny; Fernandes, Leanne; Halpin, Patrick N.; Hoel, Alf Håkon; Juinio-Meñez, Marie Antonette; Li, Yangfan; Morrissey, Karyn; Rist, Therese; Scarano, Fabio R.; Trice, Amy; Unger, Sebastian Helstad; Whitehouse, Sandra


Integrated ocean management for a sustainable ocean economy

Winther, Jan-Gunnar; Dai, Minhan; Rist, Therese; Hoel, Alf Håkon; Li, Yangfan; Trice, Amy; Morrissey, Karyn; Juinio-Meñez, Marie Antonette; Fernandes, Leanne; Unger, Sebastian Helstad; Scarano, Fabio Rubio; Halpin, Patrick N.; Whitehouse, Sandra


Comparability of Raman Spectroscopic Configurations: A Large Scale Cross-Laboratory Study

Guo, Shuxia; Beleites, Claudia; Neugebauer, Ute; Abalde-Cela, Sara; Afseth, Nils Kristian; Alsamad, Fatima; Anand, Suresh; Araujo-Andrade, Cuauhtemoc; Askrabic, Sonja; Avci, Ertug; Baia, Monica; Baranska, Malgorzata


The physical environment of Kongsfjorden-Krossfjorden, an Arctic fjord system in Svalbard

Svendsen, Harald; Beszczynska-Moeller, Agnieszka; Hagen, Jon Ove; Lefauconnier, Bernard; Tverberg, Vigdis; Gerland, Sebastian; Ørbæk, Jon Børre; Bischof, Kai; Papucci, Carlo; Zajączkowski, Marek; Azzolini, Roberto; Bruland, Oddbjørn; Wiencke, Christian; Winther, Jan-Gunnar; Dallmann, Winfried


Regional Variations of Snow Accumulation on Spitsbergen, Svalbard, 1997-99

Sand, Knut; Winther, Jan-Gunnar; Marechal, David; Bruland, Oddbjørn; Melvold, Kjetil


Snow research in Svalbard–an overview

Winther, Jan-Gunnar; Bruland, Oddbjørn; Sand, Knut; Gerland, Sebastian; Marechal, David; Ivanov, Boris V.; Glowacki, Piotr; König, Max


Snow and blue-ice distribution patterns on the coastal Antarctic Ice Sheet Article

Liston, Glen E.; Winther, Jan-Gunnar; Bruland, Oddbjørn; Elvehøy, Hallgeir; Sand, Knut; Karlof, Lars


Meltwater production in Antarctic blue-ice areas: sensitivity to changes in atmospheric forcing

Liston, Glen E.; Bruland, Oddbjørn; Winther, Jan-Gunnar; Elvehøy, Hallgeir; Sand, Knut


Snow accumulation distribution on Spitsbergen, Svalbard, in 1997

Winther, Jan-Gunnar; Bruland, Oddbjørn; Sand, Knut; Killingtveit, Ånund; Marechal, David