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Elin Merete Wetterhus has 2 publications at Nofima:

Rest Plant Materials with Natural Antioxidants Increase the Oxidative Stability of Omega-3-Rich Norwegian Cold Pressed Camelina sativa Oil

Nilsson, Astrid; Wetterhus, Elin Merete; Østbye, Tone-Kari K; Haugen, John-Erik; Vogt, Gjermund


Respiration rate and changes in composition of volatiles during short-term storage of minimally processed root vegetables

Helland, Haakon; Leufvén, A; Bengtsson, Gunnar; Larsen, Hanne; Nicolaisen, Elin Merete; Thomsen, Mette; Hermansen, Arne; Wold, Anne-Berit; Berge, Liv