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Biography Carlo C. Lazado

I obtained my PhD in Aquatic Biosciences from the University of Nordland in 2014. After completing my PhD, I moved to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) for my first postdoctoral position. I did my second postdoc at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel as a Jacob Blaustein Fellow. Since 2017, I have been employed as a Research Scientist in the Fish Health Department of Nofima. Superior fish health is inherent for the productivity and sustainability of aquaculture. My research interests address the basic and applied aspects of fish health with a strong focus on the physiology and immunology of mucosal barriers.The mucosal surfaces (i.e., gills, skin, gut, and olfactory) are considered the first line of defence and the living sensors of fish; hence, they are excellent models to unravel how fish respond and adapt to their environment. My approach is to study the intricacies of the physical and biological barriers (i.e., cells, molecules) at the mucosa, as well as how these barriers are regulated by the environment (e.g., light, handling, nutrition, treatment, infection, water quality), which is highly relevant in fish farming. Eventually, I aim to use these responses to develop more optimised and ecologically sound husbandry protocols. Most of the current research activities are focused on securing the optimal aquaculture environment of Atlantic salmon – both inland and at sea – by ensuring good mucosal health. I have worked with other commercially relevant fish species as well such as Atlantic cod, rainbow trout, sturgeon, permit and Nile tilapia.

Carlo C. Lazado has 20 publications at Nofima:

Crowding reshapes the mucosal but not the systemic response repertoires of Atlantic salmon to peracetic acid

Lazado, Carlo C.; Sveen, Lene; Soleng, Malene; Pedersen, Lars-Flemming; Timmerhaus, Gerrit


Oxidant-induced modifications in the mucosal transcriptome and circulating metabolome of Atlantic salmon

Lazado, Carlo C.; Pedersen, Lars-Flemming; Kirste, Katrine Hånes; Soleng, Malene; Breiland, Mette Serine Wesmajervi; Timmerhaus, Gerrit


Dietary inclusion of Antarctic krill meal during the finishing feed period improves health and fillet quality of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

Mørkøre, Turid; Moreno, Helena Maria; Borderías, Javier; Larsson, Thomas; Hellberg, Hege; Hatlen, Bjarne; Romarheim, Odd Helge; Ruyter, Bente; Lazado, Carlo C.; Jimenez Guerrero, Raul; Bjerke, Målfrid Tofteberg; Benitez-Santana, Tibiabin; Krasnov, Aleksei


The effects of ozone on Atlantic salmon post-smolt in brackish water — Establishing welfare indicators and thresholds

Stiller, Kevin Torben; Kolarevic, Jelena; Lazado, Carlo C.; Gerwins, Jascha; Good, Christopher; Summerfelt, Steven T.; Mota, Vasco C.; Espmark, Åsa Maria Olofsdotter


Morphomolecular alterations in the skin mucosa of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) after exposure to peracetic acid-based disinfectant

Lazado, Carlo C.; Haddeland, Sindre; Timmerhaus, Gerrit; Berg, Ragnhild Stenberg; Merkin, Grigory; Pittman, Karin; Pedersen, Lars-Flemming


Nutrition as a mean to reduce sea lice infestation in Atlantic salmon

Bogevik, André Sture; Sveen, Lene; Ytteborg, Elisabeth; Karlsen, Christian; Lazado, Carlo C.; Krasnov, Aleksei; Timmerhaus, Gerrit; Andersen, Linda; Blindheim, Steffen H.; Myre, Ole; Merkin, Grigory; Okubamichael, Mearge; Pittman, Karin


Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) mounts systemic and mucosal stress responses to peracetic acid

Soleng, Malene; Johansen, Lill-Heidi; Johnsen, Hanne; Johansson, Gunhild Seljehaug; Breiland, Mette Serine Wesmajervi; Rørmark, Lisbeth; Pittman, Karin; Pedersen, Lars-Flemming; Lazado, Carlo C.


Peracetic acid as a potential treatment for amoebic gill disease (AGD) in Atlantic salmon - Stage 1

Lazado, Carlo C.; Timmerhaus, Gerrit; Pedersen, Lars-Flemming; Pittman, Karin; Soleng, Malene; Haddeland, Sindre; Johansen, Lill-Heidi; Breiland, Mette Serine Wesmajervi; Sveen, Lene; Rørmark, Lisbeth; Mohammad, Saima; Hytterød, Sigurd