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Biography Astrid Nilsson

My research area is “Food and health” and especially “Fat and food quality”. Fat and fat-soluble components in raw materials and products and their importance for taste, nutritional quality and shelf life of different foods, bioactive lipids (fatty acids, omega-3, tocopherols, sterols and phenolic acids) in various raw materials, stability during food processing, uptake in the body and biological effects are key research topics. Oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in oils and lipid products (rancidity of food) and the importance of oxidation products for taste, nutritional quality and potential health effects of food are of high interest. I am working at the intersection of research and innovation with the goal of increased value creation for both Norwegian agriculture and food industry who want to take health seriously as well as to improved quality of life for individual consumers who want to make healthier choices.
I received my PhD (Dr Scient) in biochemistry at the University of Oslo in 1987. The scientific work was done at The Institute of Nutrition Research, University of Oslo in the field partially hydrogenated marine oil, nutrition and the risk of cardiovascular diseases (more exactly induction mechanism of peroxisomal beta oxidation). Then I was working 3 years as a Post Doc at another scientific group at The Institute of Nutrition Research, UiO, dealing with Vitamin A and Cancer before I was engaged at Matforsk (now Nofima) to build up a research group dealing with lipid and food quality (1991). I have been Department leader, Raw Material and Processing (1996-2002) and Assistant Research Director (2002-2012) with a short period as temporary director of the innovation area “Food, health and consumer”.

Astrid Nilsson has 24 publications at Nofima:

Rest Plant Materials with Natural Antioxidants Increase the Oxidative Stability of Omega-3-Rich Norwegian Cold Pressed Camelina sativa Oil

Nilsson, Astrid; Wetterhus, Elin Merete; Østbye, Tone-Kari K; Haugen, John-Erik; Vogt, Gjermund


Deposition and metabolism of dietary n-3 very-long-chain PUFA in different organs of rat, mouse and Atlantic salmon

Torrissen, Martina; Svensen, Harald; Stoknes, Iren; Nilsson, Astrid; Østbye, Tone-Kari K; Berge, Gerd Marit; Bou, Marta; Ruyter, Bente


North Atlantic fish oils and importance for utilization of omega-3 fatty acids

Østbye, Tone-Kari K; Berge, Gerd Marit; Krasnov, Aleksei; Romarheim, Odd Helge; Nilsson, Astrid; Hansen, Marianne Helén Selander; Burdge, Graham C.; Irvine, Nicola A.; Ruyter, Bente


Oils for healthier salmon and humans

Østbye, Tone-Kari K; Nilsson, Astrid


The long-chain monounsaturated cetoleic acid improves the efficiency of the n-3 fatty acid metabolic pathway in Atlantic salmon and human HepG2 cells

Østbye, Tone-Kari K; Berge, Gerd Marit; Nilsson, Astrid; Romarheim, Odd Helge; Bou, Marta; Ruyter, Bente


Kartlegging av restråstoff fra jordbruket

Lindberg, Diana; Aaby, Kjersti; Borge, Grethe Iren Andersen; Haugen, John-Erik; Nilsson, Astrid; Rødbotten, Rune; Sahlstrøm, Stefan


Vil ketolinsyre (22:1n-11) fra lodde-, sild- og tobisolje føre til bedret utnyttelse av omega-3 fettsyrer?

Ruyter, Bente; Østbye, Tone-Kari K; Romarheim, Odd Helge; Nilsson, Astrid; Kristiansen, Inger Øien; Bjerke, Målfrid Tofteberg; Bergum, Silje; Berge, Gerd Marit


Bioavailability of n-3 fatty acids from n-3 enriched foods and fish oil with different oxidative quality in healthy humans – a randomized single meal cross-over study

Ottestad, Inger; Nordvi, Berit; Vogt, Kjell Gjermund; Holck, Marianne; Halvorsen, Bente; Brønner, Kirsti Wettre; Retterstøl, Kjetil; Holven, Kirsten Bjørklund; Nilsson, Astrid; Ulven, Stine Marie


The PBMC transcriptome profile after intake of oxidized versus high-quality fish oil: an explorative study in healthy subjects

Myhrstad, Mari; Ottestad, Inger; Günther, Clara-Cecilie; Ryeng, Einar; Holden, Marit; Nilsson, Astrid; Brønner, Kirsti Wettre; Kohler, Achim; Borge, Grethe Iren Andersen; Holven, Kirsten Bjørklund; Ulven, Stine Marie


Fett er fett, samma det vel...? Lipidforskningen ved Nofima, Divisjon Mat

Grimmer, Stine J Staavi; Nilsson, Astrid; Baardseth, Pernille


Oxidised fish oil does not influence established markers of oxidative stress in healthy human subjects: a randomised controlled trial

Ottestad, Inger; Vogt, Kjell Gjermund; Retterstøl, Kjetil; Myhrstad, Mari; Haugen, John-Erik; Nilsson, Astrid; Ravn-Haren, Gitte; Nordvi, Berit; Brønner, Kirsti Wettre; Andersen, Lene Frost; Holven, Kirsten Bjørklund; Ulven, Stine Marie


Analysis of early lipid oxidation in salmon patè with cod liver oil and antioxidants

Olsen, Elisabeth Fjærvoll; Veberg, Annette ; Vogt, Kjell Gjermund; Tomic, Oliver; Kirkhus, Bente; Ekeberg, Dag; Nilsson, Astrid


Analysis of early lipid oxidation in smoked, comminuted, pork or poultry sausages with spices

Olsen, Elisabeth; Vogt, Kjell Gjermund; Dahl, Annette Veberg; Ekeberg, Dag; Nilsson, Astrid


Autoxidation of cod liver oil with tocopherol and ascorbyl palmitate

Olsen, Elisabeth; Vogt, Kjell Gjermund; Saarem, K.; Greibrokk, Tyge; Nilsson, Astrid


Lipid oxidation in frozen, mechanically deboned turkey meat as affected by packaging parameters and storage conditions

Pettersen, Marit Kvalvåg; Mielnik, Maria Bogumila; Eie, Thomas; Skrede, Grete; Nilsson, Astrid


Prediction of oxygen transmission rate for thermoformed trays

Pettersen, Marit Kvalvåg; Nilsson, Astrid; Espedal, Aud; Kohler, Achim


Sensory quality of marinated frozen stored chicken thighs as affected by dietary fish fat and vitamin E

Mielnik, Maria Bogumila; Herstad, Olav; Lea, Per; Nordal, John; Nilsson, Astrid


Quality of comminuted sausages formulated from mechanically deboned poultry meat

Mielnik, Maria Bogumila; Aaby, Kjersti; Rolfsen, Knut; Ellekjær, Marit R; Nilsson, Astrid


Intermediates and Products Formed During Fatty Acid α-Oxidation in Cucumber (Cucumis sativus)

Borge, Grethe Iren Andersen; Vogt, Kjell Gjermund; Nilsson, Astrid


Evalution of carrot varieties for production of deep fried carrot chips: 3. Carotenoids

Skrede, Grete; Nilsson, Astrid; Baardseth, Pernille; Rosenfeld, Hans J; Enersen, Grethe; Slinde, Erik