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Biography Annette Fagerlund

I am a researcher at the Department of Food Safety and Quality, and my interests include molecular microbiology and bioinformatics, and the study of bacterial biofilms. Main research topics are foodborne pathogenic bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes and Staphylococcus spp., and investigation into how these and other bacteria relevant in the food industry survive and adapt in food processing environments. I use modern DNA sequencing techniques (Illumina, Nanopore) to track the spread and contamination sources of bacteria in the food chain, and to characterize genetic traits such as pathogenic potential. We also use such technology to study microbial communities, for example to study dynamics and survival of pathogenic bacteria in biofilms. I have a degree in biochemistry from the University of Oslo (2003), and a PhD from the Norwegian Veterinary School (Bacillus cereus virulence factors, 2008).

Annette Fagerlund has 20 publications at Nofima:

Anti-listerial properties of chemical constituents of Eruca sativa (rocket salad): From industrial observation to in vitro activity

Fagerlund, Annette; Wubshet, Sileshi Gizachew; Møretrø, Trond; Schmidt, Gesine; Borge, Grethe Iren Andersen; Langsrud, Solveig


MogR Is a Ubiquitous Transcriptional Repressor Affecting Motility, Biofilm Formation and Virulence in Bacillus thuringiensis

Smith, Veronika; Josefsen, Malin; Lindbäck, Toril; Hegna, Ida K.; Finke, Sarah; Tourasse, Nicolas Jacques; Nielsen-Leroux, Christina; Økstad, Ole Andreas Løchen; Fagerlund, Annette


MogR is a ubiquitous transcriptional repressor affecting motility, biofilm formation and virulence in Bacillus thuringiensis

Smith, Veronika; Josefsen, Malin; Lindbäck, Toril; Hegna, Ida Kristin; Finke, Sarah; Tourasse, Nicolas Jacques; Nielsen-LeRoux, Christina; Økstad, Ole Andreas; Fagerlund, Annette


Listeria monocytogenes biofilm removal using different commercial cleaning agents

Fagerlund, Annette; Heir, Even; Møretrø, Trond; Langsrud, Solveig


Complete genome sequences of six Listeria monocytogenes sequence type 9 isolates from meat processing plants in Norway

Fagerlund, Annette; Langsrud, Solveig; Moen, Birgitte; Heir, Even; Møretrø, Trond


How food bacteria survive

Fagerlund, Annette; Langsrud, Solveig


Slik overlever matbakteriene

Dypdal, Siri Elise; Fagerlund, Annette; Langsrud, Solveig


Tolerance to quaternary ammonium compound disinfectants may enhance growth of Listeria monocytogenes in the food industry

Møretrø, Trond; Schirmer, Bjørn Christian; Heir, Even; Fagerlund, Annette; Hjemli, Pernille; Langsrud, Solveig


Biofilm matrix composition affects the susceptibility of food associated staphylococci to cleaning and disinfection agents

Fagerlund, Annette; Langsrud, Solveig; Heir, Even; Mikkelsen, Maria Ingeborg; Møretrø, Trond


Krav til fisketetthet og vannforbruk

Calabrese, Sara; Handeland, Sigurd O; Terjesen, Bendik Fyhn; Fivelstad, Sveinung; Ebbesson, Lars O.E.; Nilsen, Tom Ole; Pedrosa, Cindy; Stefansson, Sigurd Olav; Imsland, Albert; Kolarevic, Jelena; Hosfeld, Camilla Diesen; Kvamme, Kristin; Grahl-Madsen, Elisabeth; Takle, Harald Rune; Breck, Olav; Lyngøy, Cato; Mathisen, Frode; Sveier, Harald


A standardised static in vitro digestion method suitable for food-an international consensus

Minekus, Mans; Alminger, Marie; Alvito, Paula; Ballance, Simon; Bohn, T; Bourlieu, Claire; Carriere, F; Boutrou, Rachel; Corredig, M; Dupont, D; Dufour, Claire; Egger, L; Golding, M; Karakaya, Sibel; Kirkhus, Bente; le Feunteun, Steven; Lesmes, U; Macierzanka, Adam; Mackie, Alan; Marze, Sebastien; McClements, D. J.; Ménard, O.; Recio, I.; Santos, C. N.; Singh, R. P.; Vegarud, Gerd Elisabeth; Wickham, M. S. J.; Weitschies, Werner; Brodkorb, A.