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Biography Anne Helena Kettunen

I have MSc degree from the University of Helsinki, majoring in animal breeding. After graduation I worked as a research scientist at MTT (currently Luke) with both development of models for genetic parameter
estimation and practical breeding value estimation for pigs, dairy cattle and rainbow trout. I moved to Norway in 2000 and worked in practical aquaculture for 3 years. I did my PhD at the University of Tromsø
looking at the robustness of Atlantic cod in aquaculture. I was also responsible for the breeding program for cod: tasks ranged from planning the phenotypic testing of the fish to the selection of the fish within the
breeding program. From 2012-2017 (until November) I was employed by the Nordic Genetic Resource Center as a senior scientist, where my focus was networking, project management and knowledge dissemination within farm animal genetic resources for food and agriculture. Work comprised aspects regarding both national endangered breeds and commercial breeds.

Anne Helena Kettunen has 13 publications at Nofima:

Genetic parameters of slaughter quality traits measured on whole or live Atlantic salmon (CompleteSCAN)

Kettunen, Anne Helena; Mørkøre, Turid; Afseth, Nils Kristian; Nielsen, Dennis Brandborg; Mørch, Troels Thorsen; Khaw, Hooi Ling; Moghadam, Hooman; Hillestad, Borghild


The status and need for characterization of Nordic animal genetic resources

Kierkegaard, Line Sass; Groeneveld, Linn Fenna; Kettunen, Anne Helena; Berg, Peer


Genetic correlations between growth rate and resistance to vibriosis and viral nervous necrosis in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.)

Bangera, Rama; Ødegård, Jørgen; Præbel, Anne Kettunen; Mortensen, Atle; Nielsen, Hanne Marie


Heritability of resistance to viral nervous necrosis in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L)

Ødegård, Jørgen; Sommer, Ann Inger; Kettunen, anne helena


Development and characterisation of microsatellite and single nucleotide polymorphism markers in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.)

Delghandi, Madjid; Stenvik, Jørgen; Moen, Thomas; Wesmajervi, Mette Serine ; Westgård, J. I.; Fjalestad, K.T.; Kettunen, Anne; Nilsen, F.


Genetic parameters for post-stress cortisol activity and vibriosis resistance in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L)

Kettunen, Anne ; Westgaard, Jon Ivar; Peruzzi, Stefano; Fevolden, Svein-Erik


Thermal shock induction of triploidy in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.)

Peruzzi, Stefano; Præbel, Anne Kettunen; Primicerio, Raul; Kauric, Goran