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Biography Anette Wold Åsli

I work with Microbiology, both Bacteriology and Mycology. I use traditional methods, gen technology and FTIR-spectrometry. I have a Bachelor in Biotechnology. Before I came to Nofima Mat, I worked at the Norwegian school of Veterinary Science.

Anette Wold Åsli has 5 publications at Nofima:

FTIR spectroscopic characterization of differently cultivated food related yeasts

Shapaval, Volha; Walczak, Beata; Gognies, Sabine; Møretrø, Trond; Suso, Henri-Pierre; Åsli, Anette Wold; Belarbi, Abdelkader; Kohler, Achim


Characterization of food spoilage fungi by FTIR spectroscopy

Shapaval, Volha; Schmitt, J.; Møretrø, Trond; Suso, HP; Skaar, Ida; Åsli, Anette Wold; Lillehaug, Dag; Kohler, Achim


A high-throughput microcultivation protocol for FTIR spectroscopic characterization and identification of fungi

Shapaval, Volha; Møretrø, Trond; Suso, Henri-Pierre; Åsli, Anette Wold; Schmitt, Jurgen; Lillehaug, Dag; Martens, Harald; Böcker, Ulrike; Kohler, Achim