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Biography Aase Vorre Skuland

Research I have been employed at Nofima since 1994 and works with many issues related to product development of food products. I work closely with industrial companies to develop new meal concepts and optimization of the sensory properties of the products. I am responsible for sensory analysis and consumer tests at Nofima in Stavanger. I am a project manager in the national program “Competence Network for local food, South – an initiative under the” Development program for local food and green tourism”, supported by Innovation Norway. Here we are working with the challenges faced by small businesses (<10 employees) who want to strengthen their food product expertise and market position. Education I have master's degree in food process
ing from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).

Aase Vorre Skuland has 22 publications at Nofima:

Hvilken mat vil du trenge når du blir syk eller gammel?

Rosnes, Jan Thomas; Skuland, Aase Vorre; Iversen, Stian Gjerstad


Convenience products from salted fisk and clipfish

Rode, Tone Mari; Rotabakk, Bjørn Tore; Skuland, Aase Vorre; Øverby, Lene; Sørheim, Oddvin


Modeling-assisted minimal heat processing of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

Stormo, Svein Kristian; Skipnes, Dagbjørn; Sone, Izumi; Skuland, Aase Vorre; Heia, Karsten; Skåra, Torstein


Quality characteristics and consumer acceptance of diploid and triploid cold smoked Atlantic salmon reared at 5, 10 and 15 C

Lerfall, Jørgen; Skuland, Aase Vorre; Skare, Even Flønes; Hasli, Pål Rune; Rotabakk, Bjørn Tore


Developing and Optimizing mackerel filleting

Sone, Izumi; Skåra, Torstein; Skuland, Aase Vorre


Hjelper lokale bærprodusenter

Hersleth, Stine Alm; Skuland, Aase Vorre; Martinsen, Berit Karoline


Consumers, Norwegian food and belonging: a qualitative study

Roos, Gun; Hansen, Kai Victor; Skuland, Aase Vorre


Shelf life of snow crab clusters (Chioneocetes opilio) stored at 0 and 4 °C

Lorentzen, Grete Elisabeth; Rotabakk, Bjørn Tore; Olsen, Stein Harris; Skuland, Aase Vorre; Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar


Dish composition: children’s mental representation and expected liking

Olsen, Nina Veflen; Altintzoglou, Themistoklis; Almli, Valerie Lengard; Hersleth, Margrethe; Skuland, Aase Vorre; Honkanen, Pirjo


Providing a food choice option increases children’s liking of fish as part of a meal

Altintzoglou, Themistoklis; Skuland, Aase Vorre; Carlehög, Mats; Sone, Izumi; Heide, Morten; Honkanen, Pirjo


The shelf life of farmed turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)

Roth, Bjørn; Kramer, Lene; Skuland, Aase Vorre; Løvdal, Trond ; Øines, Sigurd; Foss, Atle; Imsland, Albert


Determination of the shelf life of cluster of the red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) during chilled storage

Lorentzen, Grete Elisabeth; Skuland, Aase Vorre; Sone, Izumi; Johansen, Jørn-Owe; Rotabakk, Bjørn Tore


Report 21/2013, English Summary

Lorentzen, Grete Elisabeth; Skuland, Aase vorre; Sone, Izumi; Johansen, Jørn-Owe; Rotabakk, Bjørn T


Metodeutvikling for måltidsopplevelse - Sluttrapport

Hansen, Kai Victor; Kraggerud, Hilde; Vorre, Aase


Sensory, Histological, and Bacteriological Changes in Flat Oysters, Ostrea edulis L., during Different Storage Conditions

Aaraas, Ragnhild; Hernar, I.J; Vorre, Aase; Bergslien, Helge; Lunestad, Bjørn-Tore; Skeie, Siv B.; Slinde, Erik; Mortensen, Stein


Effects of pre-, in- and post-rigor filleted Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)on microbial spoilage and quality characteristics during chilled storage

Rosnes, Jan Thomas; Vorre, Aase ; Folkvord, Lindis; Hovda, Margrethe; Fjæra, Svein Olav; Skjervold, Per Olav


Effects of pre-, in-, or post-rigor filleting of live chilled Atlantic salmon

Skjervold, Per Olav; Rørå, Anna Maria Bencze; Fjæra, Svein Olav; Vegusdal, Anne; Vorre, Aase; Einen, Olai


Effects of pre-, in- or post-rigor filleting of live chilled Atlantic salmon

Skjervold, Per Olav; Rørå, Anna Maria Bencze; Fjæra, Svein Olav; Vegusdal, Anne; Vorre, Aase; Einen, Olai