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Liudmila Sorokina

I am a PhD student at the department Raw materials and process optimization. I will be working with characterization of protein hydrolysates using analytical techniques (e.g. chromatography, mass spectrometry) and in vitro biological model systems to enhance knowledge of bioactive properties and digestibility of protein hydrolysates. I have a master’s degree in marine biotechnology and […]

Maria Eleni Kokkali

I am a young researcher working in Nofima since 2018. My research field is Fish Nutrition and the last years I am working at new raw material utilization, for high market value fish, like Sea bream, and Salmon. My first degree in an integrated Master in Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment, fulfilled at the University of […]

Johanna Kottmann

I am a research scientist in the Production biology group at Nofima with background in reproduction biology, molecular biology, egg quality, embryonic and early larval development. My main focus is on marine species, in particular cleaner fish. I hold a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark, which was entitled “Egg Quality and Offspring Performance […]

Showing 1–10 of 396