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Seaweed Success Stories

An impromptu session of new product testing with a group of friends in northern Norway ensued after I returned from a seaweed trade fair with new product samples of chocolate infused with seaweed or chocolate seaweed.

Does the consumer take food for granted?

In my career as a researcher and head of food research I have been met with quizzical looks many times. Is it possible to research food? Most people see the need to understand more about nutrition and the body’s need for nutrients. But what else could there be to research?

Would you like salt fish or klippfisk for dinner today?

There are many tasty dishes where saltfish or klippfisk (dried and salted cod) is an important part of the meal. But if you would like to have saltfish or klippfisk for dinner today, that’s really something you should have thought of yesterday or even the day before. This is because saltfish and klippfisk products contain so much salt that they must be desalted by soaking them overnight before they can be eaten.

Bring the boys into the kitchen!

Boys are less involved in the preparation of food than girls are, according to a survey Nofima carried out among preschool children. If boys are encouraged to cook or prepare food more often, it can help improve equality and public health in a dietary perspective in the future.

On the hunt for flying fish

“If you get sick and need to throw up, that’s fine, but if you don’t then that’s fine too,” says the skipper, laughing through his big smile, before setting off on the voyage taking nine excited business professionals and R&D representatives out on his boat towards the open sea. The location is Macau in northern Brazil. The goal: to harvest flying fish roe.

Thou shalt kill (the fish)!

Most of us do not eat fish that are alive, it is therefore obvious that fish need to be killed. However, did you know that the way the fish dies determines the quality of the fillets?

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