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What type of food will you need when you get sick or old?

Imagine that you have difficulty chewing your food because you have poor chewing and swallowing functions – this is the situation for many elderly and sick people. A personalised fish soup that has a high protein content is a good solution to this problem. It tastes great, is nutritious, requires little chewing and is easy to swallow.

Men are more confident when it comes to cooking seafood than women

How confident you are in your ability to prepare tasty new seafood dishes may influence how often you eat seafood. In one study, my colleagues and I discovered that men are more confident in their cooking skills than women when it comes to cooking seafood.

More information about fish than ever before

Pictures of fish packaging, taken over several years in the 2000s, show that clear changes have been made regarding the information given to consumers about the fish they buy.

Who cares about pellet saithe?

This is according to a Nofima survey which was conducted as part of a research project regarding coexistence in the coastal zone. The survey sampled 1000 respondents above the age of 18, equally divided between men and women from all over Norway. The result made us ask: Why are men from the high North all up in […]

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