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More jobs and more value creation are better than special taxes

The fishing industry in Norway is essential for increasing values from Norwegian fishing resources, but access to raw materials is a critical factor. The Eidesen Committee proposed widespread changes in the quota system, and also put forward a proposal to increase taxation of the fishing fleet. “There is no resource interest in the fishing industry […]

Less potato waste and better food with new technologies

As we know, the potato is a versatile fellow which can be utilized in a number of ways. But can we also utilize the entire potato plant? We can make better use of potato peels, stalks and other waste by using technologies that both reduce food waste, have a low environmental impact and provide healthier and more tasteful foods.

Quality as a strategy for salmon

“Quality isn’t just about how salmon tastes. It can be about how much and what type of fat it contains, or about the colour, cut and packaging. But quality can also be linked to ecolabels, origin or brands,” says senior researcher Geir Sogn-Grundvåg. He is heading up ‘Qualidiff’, the research project that was recently launched […]

The hunt for lower high pressure

High pressure processing is a gentle and not least healthy way of increasing the shelf-life of food that has proven very well suited for meat products and juices. However, to be able to use this method on other foods, such as fish, we need to use high pressure at lower levels – without the bacteria surviving.

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