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New certification scheme to compete with MSC

In order to gain entry into key markets, Norwegian fisheries must provide sustainability certification. As an alternative to the dominant MSC certification, a standard specifically adapted to Norwegian fisheries will now be developed.

Norway is the senior player in salmon farming in the north; but could we also learn from the smaller and younger industry players?

Salmon farming: A relatively new industry in the northern region which provides food, jobs and prosperity, but also carries an environmental impact, with protests and irritation following in its wake. How should this industry be managed in a way that ensures sustainable future development? Researchers in four countries are now looking into this question.

Weak Norwegian krone continues to help fish exporters

The export value of fresh fish products has recently received more help from the Norwegian krone exchange rate compared to frozen products. However, Nofima figures show that both categories have been helped by the krone, which continues to be weak. Looking forward, many people predict that the krone will become stronger, and this can have serious consequences for actors who have large inventories of fish stored over long periods of time, such as stockfish and klippfish producers.

Showing 1–10 of 131