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Equality assignment for Nofima

Fewer than four per cent of Norwegian fishermen are women. Nofima has now been commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Industry and Fisheries to identify measures that could help to improve gender equality in the industry.

Snow crab – still a seafood adventure?

Snow crab was predicted to become a gold mine for Norwegian fisheries. Then, Norwegian fishermen were denied access to the best fishing grounds, and things became rather quiet regarding the new Norwegian fishery. What happened to Norwegian snow crab? And does it still have a future in Norwegian fisheries?

Revolutionizing the quality control of white fish

The machines are built and the technology is ready to use: Fish producers can now establish if they have caught world-class cod even before the fish is gutted, using light-based quality inspection of whole fish which can be done at industrial speed.

Showing 1–10 of 148