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Revolutionizing the quality control of white fish

The machines are built and the technology is ready to use: Fish producers can now establish if they have caught world-class cod even before the fish is gutted, using light-based quality inspection of whole fish which can be done at industrial speed.

Salmon blood can help fight anaemia

A unique iron powder from salmon blood is more easily absorbed by the human body than iron salts. This may turn out to be a better option for patients with anaemia.

Digital plaza for research and innovation

Eight research and innovation institutions take part in Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital, which, from 18-20 August, will be livestreamed from Trondheim. The Forskningstorget (Research Plaza) mini-seminars are a part of the main programme of the digital exhibition, meaning you can get the latest news from research and innovation in fisheries and seafood straight to your browser […]

Showing 1–10 of 143