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Annual report from centre for closed containment aquaculture is ready

“What stands out in 2019, is that we implemented three new focus areas in our research plan. These areas are challenges that have evolved during the last years to be highly important for the industry to solve”, says Åsa Espmark, Centre Director of CtrlAQUA. The three focus areas are the gas hydrogen sulphide (H2S), the […]

Quality food time in quarantine

Staying at home for an extended period of time can be difficult, and healthy eating can be extra challenging due to the more relaxed “weekend atmosphere”. But worry not, because the Edulia team are here to share TIPS on how to make quality food time whilst in quarantine.

Appetite entrepreneurs

Innovation students develop concepts that can help solve the challenges linked to dietary needs and loss of appetite among the elderly.

Muscles grow in strong currents

It is well known that smolt grow faster in recirculation systems when the current increases. Nofima researchers have now discovered that it is primarily the muscles, rather than the other organs, which grow when salmon swim in a strong current. This is a positive thing. At the same time researchers believe that there is reason to keep an eye on any impairments in fish welfare until they know more about the effects of strong velocities.

A great future for Arctic food

It seems like pure, natural Arctic food is going to have a great future on the world market. And its Arctic origin is precisely what gives it a major competitive advantage.

New certification scheme to compete with MSC

In order to gain entry into key markets, Norwegian fisheries must provide sustainability certification. As an alternative to the dominant MSC certification, a standard specifically adapted to Norwegian fisheries will now be developed.

What type of meat will we be eating in 2040?

The world’s population is constantly growing, and it is expected that there will be protein deficiency in the future. A key question is: How to produce sustainable food for all these people? Can cultured meat contribute to the production of animal protein for food and thus be part of the solution to solve protein demand of the future?

Showing 1–10 of 822