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Keep up with vegetarian trends!

Over the last couple of years, the sale of plant protein products has increased rapidly. Several brand-new types of food have appeared, but a recent analysis shows that Norway still has untapped potential when it comes to developing its own products with Norwegian ingredients.

How Can Children be Encouraged to Eat Healthily?

Eleven doctoral students from various countries will be recruited, and they will be afforded an opportunity to conduct research into the fields of sensory perception, food enjoyment, food choice and food behaviour in institutions with internationally recognised skills and competence. The purpose of the doctoral studies will be to develop healthier eating habits among children. […]

Broccoli keeps best in the fridge

Temperature and light conditions are important for broccoli’s health-giving constituents and affect its smell, taste and appearance. Researchers at Nofima have recently taken a closer look at how broccoli keeps best when stored. It keeps best at fridge temperatures. Storage affects quality “Many consumers are interested in their health, and it’s important to find out […]

Indoor production of stockfish

Dried stockfish is a traditional natural product that is subject to natural variations in quality, as the fish is dried outdoors. An exporter in Bergen wanted to ensure stable quality and came up with an idea for a new drying process. A scientist from Nofima has now taken the original idea and developed a process for the indoor drying of fish. Stockfish produced by the new method has been approved by connoisseurs in Italy.

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