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How pathogens spread in the kitchen

Using the same utensils for chicken and salads without washing in between may lead to severe foodborne illness. Huge differences both in the occurrence of pathogens and kitchen hygiene among six European countries were found in a recent study.

Using nanotechnology to solve the plastic problem

The Research Council of Norway has appointed Sarfraz as an “outstanding young researcher” (Fremragende ung forsker) and awarded his project NanoFunPack a total of NOK 7.7 million in project support. The funds are awarded to ambitious projects with focused research efforts performing at a high international level. Two sides of the same coin NanoFunPack, or […]

Prepare your fridge for the holidays

Good food is part of Christmas. This often results in a well-stocked refrigerator, which could give you less chance of seeing what is actually in there and when it is going to go out of date, making it easy to leave food for too long before it is eaten. Therefore, it is important to keep the fridge temperature low (maximum 4°C) to stop food from becoming spoiled or dangerous.

Refining the taste of Hardanger

A characteristic taste is essential in creating a strong identity. Cider makers in Hardanger and Hardangerrådet are set to collaborate with professionals from Slovenia, as well as the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) and Nofima research institutes, to build an even stronger brand.

Correct storage temperature can reduce food waste

The wastage involved during the storage and distribution of produced vegetables amounts to almost 30 percent. The main goal of the OptiRoot project is to reduce root vegetable wastage by 10 percent. Hanne Larsen has conducted research into how carrot wastage can be reduced, both during distribution and when the product reaches the consumer, by […]

Showing 1–10 of 85