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An inspiring start to a long life of research

Just before Christmas, Prof. Emeritus Trygve Gjedrem will celebrate his 88th birthday by closing the office doors for one final time, leaving Nofima in Norway after a long life spent in the service of science. What inspired him to keep going for so long?

Saithe quality near fish farms documented

It’s not only farmed salmon that eat salmon feed. Saithe and other wild fish that search for food in the ocean can be tempted to enjoy an easy meal outside the salmon cage. Here, some of the feed that is fed to the farmed fish gets through the net wall with the water currents and is an easy catch for hungry wild fish.

Assessing fish welfare out on the farm

A lot of research has been carried out on fish welfare over the last few years. But this knowledge is not always readily available to those who need it. An FHF funded research project named FISHWELL will gather and update our knowledge on fish welfare indicators in Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout, putting it together as an operational handbook for the farmers.

Showing 81–90 of 141