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Sea lice prevention is better than the cure

In a new article titled Prevention not cure: a review of methods to avoid sea lice infestations in salmon aquaculture, researchers from the University of Melbourne, Norwegian Institute of Marine Research and Nofima argue that methods to prevent sea louse infestations have some key advantages over other strategies, and identify the most promising preventative methods. […]

Developing environmentally friendly sea urchin farming

Philip James leads an €8 million Horizon 2020 project called AquaVitae, with the mission to develop sustainable solutions for low-tropic aquaculture in the Atlantic. The senior scientist at Nofima believes that aquaculture of wild harvested sea urchins has a bright future.

Nofima to boost its investment in RAS research

The research station at Sunndalsøra is Nofima’s spearhead in research on aquaculture in closed and semi-closed facilities, but it is fully booked until the summer of 2022. It is therefore essential that research capacity is rapidly expanded. Next year will see the completion of 20 new tanks with separate recirculating systems at the research station […]

Showing 11–20 of 132