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New office opens in Alta

A well-attended miniseminar was held in association with the opening of Nofima’s new office in Alta in Finnmark. Members of the Norwegian parliament Frank Bakke-Jensen (H) and Helga Pedersen (Ap) were among those who held presentations at the seminar.

Better fish for farms

Tweaking breeding methods could allow European fish farming – or aquaculture – to produce more efficiently. An EU-funded project is studying how hi-tech breeding techniques can promote disease resistance and fast, efficient growth in six commonly farmed fish species, improving fish welfare, impacts on wildlife and farm productivity.

Research centre on closed-containment systems for Atlantic salmon opened

Four Norwegian research institutions, two outside of Norway and several industry partners from technology and the aquaculture industry have now started operations at a centre for innovation in closed-containment systems. The centre, CtrlAQUA, has been given NOK 200 million and eight years to reach its own ambition to make closed-containment systems for salmon up to one kilogram off-the-shelf systems.

The feed revolution continues

Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg recently referred to salmon as “Norway’s IKEA”, because people buy and eat Norwegian salmon all over the world. In the same way as IKEA needs materials to build furniture, salmon need a feed on which they can grow. The feeds that are currently in use consist principally of raw materials from plants. A revolution in feed has been under way for the past 15 years. And it’s far from over.

Showing 101–110 of 135