Workshop: Smart sensor and optimisation systems for future food biorefineries

 Raw materials and process optimisation  

Nofima invites to an open workshop to discuss status and new opportunities. The workshop will comprise presentations from both research groups and industrial companies.

Date: 14. November 2019
Location: Nofima AS, Osloveien 1, 1430 Ås


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Biorefineries play an important role in the transition from an oil-based economy to a circular economy. Enzymes and microorganisms are increasingly used in food industries for better utilization of raw materials and processing by-products.

A common challenge for this type of processes is that large raw material variation can produce unstable product quality. There are few analytical solutions available to monitor the processes and products so that one can actively control stable end-quality. Thus, ongoing research is focusing on development of technologies that can help this sector to exploit the biomass optimally. The long-term goal is to develop integrated systems for automated process control or decision support that provides stabile and right product quality despite huge raw material variation.

The workshop is supported by the projects “Notably” and “SmartBio”, funded through the Norwegian Research Council.

The registration starts at 9.30 and the day sum up at 15.30

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Kjartan Sandnes, CSO, Biomega Group
“Processing of animal and marine by-products: status and challenges”

Jon Vestengen, Factory Manager, Pelagia
“NIR spectroscopy for monitoring and control towards market claims: own experiences”

Catia Saldanha do Carmo, post doc, Nofima
“Clean technologies for plant raw materials processing: from seeds to food products”

Simon Emil Lausen, Business Development Manager, TailorZyme
“Increasing the value of industrial protein rich side streams”

Volha Shapaval, Associate Professor, NMBU (Realtek)
“Understanding fermentation reactions using FTIR spectroscopy”

Franz van der Berg, Associate Professor, UCPH FOOD
“Don’t panic … everything is under control! Latest activities in process measurement, monitoring, control and optimization from KU.FOOD, Denmark”

Anna Nordborg, Research scientist, Sintef Industry
“Mass spectrometry in process development”

Bjørge Westereng, Associate Professor, NMBU (KBM)
«Acetic acid – not only providing sour taste»

Nils Kristian Afseth, Senior scientist, Nofima
“Analytical approaches for control and optimization in enzymatic protein hydrolysis”

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