Cultured Meat workshop for stakeholders – opportunities for the Nordic Countries


Date: 12. April 2021 – 13. April 2021
Location: Digital workshop
Price: Free
Contact person
Portrettbilde av Sissel Rønning
Sissel Rønning

Phone: +47 408 56 287

Target audience/participants: stakeholders, industry (farmers, agriculture, food, meat, biotech, manufacturing), general public who could be interested to learn more about cultured meat, venture capitalists, politicians, special interest groups, influencers, bloggers.

Global food production must increase, and cultured meat R&D is expected to increase​ to meet this demand. Technologies required for developing cultured meat are developed in the lucrative medical, pharmaceutical and fine-biochemical sectors – rather than the agricultural sector. Now, cultured meat is approved for sale in Singapore. The potential of cultured meat has led many to conclude that we need to prepare for its arrival also in the Nordic countries. We believe that this new technology can be an opportunity, rather than a threat, for Nordic food and food ingredient industries.

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